Sunday, November 2, 2014

Balloons and Black Sabbath

   The day I wore the outfit pictured above I had a near perfect day.  It is a little known fact that every morning while I am driving to work I define out loud what my, "moment of the day," from the previous date was.  I do this in order to give myself motivation for the coming afternoon and the possible trials it may contain.  Like most people I know, not everyday in my world contains some big life altering event.  However, I have noticed by taking note of my, "moments of the day," everyday has the ability to possess at least a sliver of pure happiness.  It is this collection of mini moments that keeps me going when times get tough.  It is indeed, like the saying says, "the little things that count."
   On the particular day photographed above nothing grand happened.  It was one of my days off and I spent it doing my favorite things.  I woke up, took these blog photos and continued the afternoon at Starbucks with a good book.  While these activities alone were enough to define my, "moment of the day," on this particular afternoon I took more pleasure in the mundane in between times.  On this day I took notice of the little things.
   So for the first time I will define my, "moment of the day," to the public rather than just myself.  I am doing this because on the afternoon these pictures were taken there was nothing else that made me more happy than this, "moment."  Without sounding too sappy, I hope that by sharing it others may be inspired to pick out an event each day that comforts them.  
   While I was driving to Starbucks I was singing along to the album, "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath," at a most unnecessary volume, especially for a 35 year old woman.  Ozzy and I were really getting into it when I looked up and saw several brightly colored hot air balloons hovering in the sky ahead of me.  At that moment, on my way to get coffee, singing old metal tunes, and watching the beautiful balloons float around a town I love I felt truly happy.  It was most certainly my, "moment of the day." 
   Sometimes I wonder what others define as their moments of pure joy.  I question whether my life has become so boring that I attach meaning to even the most routine happenings.  Of course, then I am forced to question whether this is a bad thing.  John Lennon once sang, "Whatever gets you through the night.  It's alright, it's alright."  My answer to that would be balloons and Black Sabbath.

Cardigan:  Free People
Shorts:  Thrifted
Boots:  Born
Necklace:  (Gift from A.) Vintage
Sunglasses:  Vintage


  1. Those boots are so beautiful! I love the black and blue jean look.

    1. Thank you! Speaking of boots, it's getting to be the time that the, "annual boot parade," begins. One of my favorite things to check out is what all the ladies are sporting for winter footwear. I obviously couldn't wait to start wearing mine :)