Sunday, November 9, 2014

"Put Me In Coach"

   Lately, I have been anxious.  Not the usual impending doom, end of the world anxious I often feel.  Even though I believe those feelings are completely valid considering world news these days.  No, I am referring to that feeling of anticipation towards future opportunities.  I'm finally starting to feel like I have my head in the game.
   I have always been an individual with big dreams.  Sometimes, I believe it is these type of individuals that set themselves up for the hardest fall.  As I have mentioned before, often these dreams were so large that they were rather unattainable for the average person.  Unfortunately, for someone who fantasized about being a successful artist, archaeologist, writer, or rock star it was often difficult to pinpoint a specific goal to pursue.  I wanted to do it all, and in my younger years I really believed I could.  Now, a little older and wiser, I realize I didn't do it all.  In fact, I did none of it.  One would think this realization may be a tad disheartening, but for this newly motivated style blogger it has been a wake up call.  
   I may have to credit all of this recent self reflection towards the three...COUNT THEM THREE...weddings I was in this fall.  One cannot be in three weddings, within two months time, and not do a little reflecting towards their personal situation.  Does this mean that I suddenly have the urge to finally marry the man I have been betrothed to for the past four years.  Meh...maybe? It does mean that I have been seriously considering what my top priorities in life currently are.  
   I have finally come to the realization that I need to focus on what my current passions are and try to be the best at them specifically, rather than trying to be good at everything.  At this time, I can identify this blog as one of the major things I am proud of.  I feel this way because it is something that is specifically mine.  It exists because I created it alone.  The topics, writing, photography, and networking potential have all been products of my effort.  In about three months I will have completed my first full years work on this blog and I feel that already it's existence has created new connections and opportunities for me.  Considering this, I am more than excited to see what the future may bring.
   So, while all my friends are getting married, I have been making my own commitments.  I am committed to making this blog my starting point to something greater.  Maybe I will finally write that novel I always wanted to complete.  It feels good to wholly commit to something.  Now that I am open to commitment, maybe I will soon try it with that man I mentioned earlier.

Shirt:  Acquired through a community clothing swap! 
Jeans:  Henry & Belle
Boots:  Thrifted
Necklace:  Thrifted    

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