Wednesday, November 19, 2014

"Gone Girl"

   It is a rare and beautiful thing when a person gets to witness a novel they enjoy translate well to the big screen.  Upon first hearing, "Gone Girl," by Gillian Flynn was being made into a movie starring, (gasp, say it ain't so!), Ben Affleck, I was more than a little concerned.  Before anyone comments, yes, I did see, "Argo," and liked it for what it was.  Which in my mind was an example of Ben Affleck's one scholarly performance.  I just can't get the beer juggling, eye winking, point and shoot bartender Ben from, "200 Cigarettes," out of my mind.  He just played that role so well!
   However, I am willing to admit when I'm wrong.  After seeing, "Gone Girl," as a movie starring, (gasp, I guess, "Argo," was more than a one time fluke,) Ben Affleck I was near converted.  Now, don't get me wrong, he was far from the best part of the film.  I just feel like I must state in print that he was not the worst part of it.  
   I repeat, I believe it is rare to see a great novel made into a fairly fantastic movie.  As I stated, I was pretty skeptical until I saw David Fincher, (director of the 1995 thriller, "Seven,")  was this film's director.  In addition, I was equally excited to see Trent Reznor, (from Nine Inch Nails,) collaborated on the original music score for the film.  If you are familiar with the bodies of work produced from these two individuals you probably realize this duo mixed with Gillian Flynn's twisted tale is a recipe for the most morbid mind game imaginable.  Basically, I saw the opening credits and was instantly thrilled...and then nervous, very very nervous.
   I will not bore everyone with a point by point summary of this film.  What I will do is urge anyone who read and enjoyed, "Gone Girl," by Gillian Flynn to watch this movie immediately.  Not only did it make this viewer feel completely disturbed, it simultaneously made me giddy with the realization that my faith was restored in Hollywood's ability to portray what I believe to be great modern day literature.
   Oh, and as far as Ben Affleck's co star, Rosamund Pike, is concerned, all I can state is well done! Kudos, to the casting director who picked her to demonstrate the ultimate cautionary tale for all cheating husbands.  I doubt there was one married man who left that theater not feeling totally satisfied with his, "boring and all too routine," relationship.
   In closing, this may be the one and only time I state, read the book and then make sure to watch the 
movie.  Although I would not suggest doing this back to back.  Unless you like to sleep with one eye open.

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