Wednesday, October 29, 2014

...but, "The Ponderosa," didn't have a chopper.

  I've said it before and I'll say it again, I don't like change.  I am very comfortable with the routines I have developed over the years and am prone to bouts of anxiety when these routines are altered. One of my boyfriend and I's favorite routines is our nightly mandatory two episodes of TV's beloved, "Dallas."  I am not talking about that new impostor of a series they refer to as, "Dallas."  I am referring to the bourbon and branch swilling, maniacal smiling, J.R. in all his glory, "Dallas."  You know, the good ol' days at the Southfork ranch.  Yes, every night my boyfriend and I return to Southfork and the 1980s. 
   Now, like most things in pop culture, "Dallas," is not immune to becoming a tad outdated.  We are talking phones with cords on them, not a computer to be found in the Ewing Oil building, and secretaries with shoulder padded silhouettes that resemble some of the NFL's most impressive linebackers.  Did I mention the hairstyles yet?  Well, I won't because that is a post all on it's own, and consider that a promise from me.  I can see it now, "The Ladies of Dallas."  Oh yeah, this is going to happen.
   As dated and cheesy as, "Dallas," can be we love it, and I really can't explain why.  Whether it is because this show time warps us back to the glorious 80s, or allows us to indulge in soap opera schmaltz without hitting the bottom of the broadcasting barrel we look forward to every evening starting out with a bang to the tune of...da da DAH da da dada da DAH. da da da dada DAH!
   However, I am now sad to report that A. and I have finish watching every season of this treasure of a program.  Over a two year span we watched all fourteen seasons and three made for TV movies. Who says we don't know how to party?!  After the last episode we looked at each other with a kind of horror, like what now?  Do we now have to talk to each other in the evenings?  What is there even to talk about if we are not discussing J.R.'s latest scheme?  How can one live without, "Dallas?!"
   I will state there is life after, "Dallas."  A. and I are currently in search of our next nightly program.  I am open to suggestions if anyone would like to comment.  After eight years of dating we are in desperate need of new conversation material, so any recommendations would be welcome.  I will mention we tried to start the series, "Bonanza," but it's just not the same ranch!  "The Pondersosa," just doesn't have enough greed, hairspray, or J.R. to cut it.

Shirt:  kensie
Jeans:  Silver Jeans
Slippers:  purchased at Target
Purse:  FOSSIL

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Breath of God

   It's not what you think.  I didn't suddenly decide to get all preachy on everyone.  "Breath of God," is the name of the perfume I was wearing the day I took these photographs.  As I have stated before, I'm a real sucker for buying cosmetics due to their names.  I mean come on, with a name like, "Breath of God," how could I possibly go wrong?
   First of all, this particular scent is available through LUSH (fresh handmade cosmetics).  A friend of mine recommended LUSH to me due to it's rather, "hippie dippie," reputation.  Due to my geographic dilemma, there is not a LUSH boutique to be found on the plains.  Once I checked out the website I was hooked by it's world friendly advertising campaign and outrageous product names plus packaging.  I dove straight in and, "Breath of God," perfume was one of the first things I purchased.
   I thought this particular post was the right time to introduce LUSH and it's collection of misfit cosmetics.  The reason I believe this is because LUSH is not for everyone.  Wait, let me be more specific.  "Breath of God," is not for everyone.  This perfume is one of the most powerful patchouli scents I have ever encountered, (and let me tell you, I was an art major in college so I know patchouli).  I mean this is scorch your nostril hairs, knock you on the floor, wake Jerry Garcia from the dead patchouli.  The first time I put it on I experienced a reaction close to the one I had the first time I smoked a cigarette.  I felt a little older (in fact, I felt a lot older, like I was a visitor time traveling from 1969).  This made me feel kinda cool and bad ass even though my eyes were starting to turn red and burn, which also could have been from a visit to 1969.  Honestly, like my first cigarette, I wasn't sure, "Breath of God," was right for me.  However, like the old saying states practice makes perfect and soon enough I was splashing on copious amounts of the most potent patchouli around.  Oh yeah and as a side note, kids don't smoke it is a filthy habit that is impossibly hard to quit yadda yadda yadda...
   Relating back to the topic of fashion, like the perfume from LUSH, the dress that I am wearing in the above photographs is also not for everyone.  It is over-sized, a bit outdated, and may also make certain individual's eyes burn.  However, I love it.  Overalls have made a big comeback lately and while this version is not the skinny leg variety one may see advertised today, it is still in my opinion a step in the right direction.  Did I mention how comfortable this dress is?  
   In a way I believe LUSH hit it spot on with the name of their perfume.  This scent is like religion in the way that it may not be for everyone, but it constantly demands attention.  Next time I wear this combination of dress and perfume I guarantee you will notice me.  I am the one who looks like the 90s and smells like the 60s.  Only God can make sense of that.

T shirt:  OBEY
Sneakers:  Puma
Purse:  Vintage (Dior)
LUSH Website:

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Defrag Drag

   It is almost a miracle for me to reference a word like defrag.  It will be even more of a miracle if I end up referencing this word correctly.  Anyone who knows me personally is probably aware of my computer illiteracy.  I have only had a facebook account for three years, I just recently figured out the, "Cut/Paste," function on my computer, and I still have not gotten a smart phone.  Let's just say I am a late bloomer when it comes to anything technological.
   Despite my multiple limitations regarding the world of technology, I am proud to tell people that I do have this blog.  A BLOG!!!  Something  I always thought only techies could possible figure out. When I admitted to my brother z. (a card carrying techie, literally he has a fantastic business card he designed using his awesome skills in graphic design and uh, printing stuff?)... anyway, when I admitted to him that it took me a solid week to figure out how to operate the, "Blogger," website he laughed hysterically and reminded me how behind the times I really was.  
   I stick by the idea that I am competent in the computer world.  I have a blog for God's sake!  I also am a hell of an internet shopper.  I mean, do I know how to use Paypal or what?...forgetabooutit!  In addition, I believe that my enthusiasm to tackle a blog with my lack of confidence in computers shows an impressive level of commitment to fashion, a topic I have always loved.
   On the day the above photographs were taken my father was helping me defrag my computer.  This is a task I now understand is necessary to keep it running at an adequate speed for us, "up and coming," professional style bloggers.  While defragging my machine, I started thinking I may need a similar process for myself.  
   It is quite common for me to feel a tad worn out in the fall.  This is a season where the greenhouse I am employed at is usually slow, and as a result, my body and mind go into a kind of sluggish mode until the impending Christmas frenzy begins.  I decided that instead of criticizing how lazy I have been lately, I would define myself as currently running the defraggler.  In the pictures above, I even had on a fancy shirt that had computer looking waves...or blips...or fuzzy signals.  So don't tell me I'm not down with the techie talk.  My shirt has blips!

Shirt:  Thrifted
Pants:  Ann Taylor LOFT
Purse:  MATT & NAT
Necklace:  BAUBLEBAR
Bracelets:  Thrifted
Sunglasses:  Vintage (Playboy) 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Open Mic Night (Tate & Isamar)

   Being a fashion blogger, I see it as my responsibility to represent a wide spectrum of tastes in this industry that I adore.  That being stated, I also want to get as many pictures of myself on the internet as humanly possible.  Okay not really, but sometimes it starts to feel that way and I find myself getting sick of a reflection I have become almost obscenely comfortable with.  It is at these times that I remember why I love fashion so much.  There is just something so intriguing about peaking into another individual's closet.  It has often been said that the eyes are the windows to a person's soul. However, I would challenge that by stating the wardrobe may be a close second.  I mean, one can learn a lot about another's psyche by paying attention to how they present themself to the public.  In my opinion, fashion is the most commonly used tool of self expression and it's variety is endless.
   In my quest to acknowledge this endless range of styles, I asked Tate & Isamar to model for my blog.  While their wardrobes are significantly different from mine, I admire their youthful yet streetwise appearance.  I found this couple to be very natural in front of the camera, which indicated to me the confidence they felt in their clothing.  In other words, this young couple seemed to have their individual styles already figured out.
   When asked how they would describe their personal style, Tate thoughtfully replied urban hippy. His girlfriend, Isamar, explained she is drawn to anything that looks cool and often this means patterns.  I then inquired which pieces in their wardrobes were in heavy rotation? Tate answered he often finds himself wearing 10 Deep brand clothing, bucket hats, and Jordans.  Isamar stated her favorites currently include crop tops and her Dr. Martens.  At this point, I wanted to know where their favorite places were to shop?  Tate answered and Zumiez, while Isamar mentioned PacSun.  I was thrilled when they both identified thrift stores as a favorite shopping destination as well.  When I asked them what was currently on their fashion wishlists Tate answered more Jordans and custom bucket hats.  Isamar is on the search for more Nikes to add to her collection and chokers. Next I asked my favorite question.  I inquired if their house was on fire what three pieces from their wardrobe would they choose to save?  Tate stated his 10 Deep bucket hat, Diamond Supply Co. pheasant hoodie and camouflage pants.  Isamar answered her tropical design TOMS shoes, a gold chain necklace, and her black Juicy Couture Blazer.  I then wondered who these two would define as their fashion icons?  Tate immediately named hip-hop artist 2 Chainz, while Isamar answered Kylie Jenner.  Lastly, I asked this pair if they could, in one word, define how they think others would describe their style.  Tate answered this with the word Steezy, while Isamar stated hipster.
   Not only was it a pleasure to explore the style sense of this edgy couple, but this 35 year old fashion blogger learned a new word!  Steezy, which apparently is a combination between style and ease.  Thank you Google.  Now I too can communicate with the hip twenty-somethings.

Tate's Style
Jacket:  Thrifted
T Shirt:  10 Deep
Pants:  PacSun
Shoes:  Jordans
Hat:  Thrifted
Eyeglasses:  Versace

Isamar's Style
Jacket:  Levi's
Shirt:  PacSun
Leggings:  Charlotte Russe
Boots:  Dr. Marten
Watch:  Thrifted

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Haute Hang-Up (Elofson)

Well, it's that time again.  It's time for me to introduce my second installment in the series of posts entitled "A Haute Hang-Up."  The concept behind these posts is to allow me to spotlight something I have been hardcore crushing on.  The subject of this particular post was kind of a, "no-brainer," for     me.  It just seemed logical to feature one of my favorite local vintage stores, Elofson.                          
   If you have been following my blog, (a huge Thank You!  Yes, that includes you too mom and dad.)  Sorry, returning to my point, if you have been following my blog you may have noticed a fair quantity of my wardrobe has been credited to Elofson.  Since she opened last winter, shop owner Jessica Farley Elofson, has been providing me, and the rest of Sioux Falls, SD, with fantastic clothes and company.  Did I mention her accessories are totally stellar as well?
   I like to think of myself as a supporter of local businesses.  Since I am employed by a local business, I feel a kinship to others who are representing a community that, over the years, I feel rather invested in.  Not only does the shop Elofson fit the criteria of being locally operated, it's owner is a purveyor of the, "support local," concept.  Her store often features regional talents in such fields as fine art and jewelry making.  
   I have to state that my favorite part of shopping at Elofson is not only the one of a kind vintage finds, but the company and attention I receive while shopping there.  Going to this store is an absolute pleasure.  I adore vintage clothing and so does this store's owner.  There is nothing more enjoyable than geeking out over fashion with someone who appreciates it as much as you do. Not only that, but at Elofson a customer can receive one on one attention and style suggestions that suit their personal tastes.  Just try getting this type of service at the mall!
  Alas, the above pictures represent only three pieces from this wonderful vintage store.  However, it is inevitable that in future posts there will be many more items featured.  I will mention the day I went out on the town in this outfit I got several reviews.  My boyfriend stated, "Wow, that's a bright shirt!"  Later, while at the Barnes & Noble Cafe, my barista said, "I love your outfit!"  Her statement then sparked a conversation among the other Cafe workers regarding the originality of my clothing.  This is when a guy working behind the counter said, "Wow, that's a bright shirt!" Basically, whether they love it or don't know what to make of it, the apparel at Elofson will get a girl noticed.  That is what I call a style bloggers dream.

Shirt:  Vintage (Charles Jourdan)
Jeans:  Kasil Workshop
Heels:  Franco Sarto
Scarf:  Vintage 
Bracelets:  Beaded:  Gift made by my mom  Braided:  Self made
Sunglasses:  Vintage (Playboy)
Elofson Website: 
Guest Model and Elofson Owner:  Jessica Farley Elofson

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Hello Stranger

   Well, I lied.  In previous posts I have mentioned that I do not like surprises.  For the most part this is true.  However, I should have clarified that I do not like to be the individual being surprised. Sometimes I do like to surprise others.  I have come to the realization that one way to shock people is to alter your appearance.  What easier way is there to do this than to change your hair?  
   Hence, a new hairstyle is born.  This is hardly a strange thing for me to do.  Over the years I have had about every hair color one can imagine, minus anything punk rock looking.  Although there was that unfortunate incident in high school where I thought black would be a good idea. Here again I am thanking God that I did not have a fashion blog back then.  Oh, the horror!
   It is amazing how people will react toward altering one's appearance.  The day after I changed my hair I went to work fully prepared for the mixed reviews I would certainly receive.  Like I stated, this was not my, "first rodeo."  What I was not prepared for was for one of my coworkers to look at me with a scared and almost sad expression and state, "it's like it's not you anymore.  I feel like you are a totally different person."  "Really?" I thought.  Apparently we now define people's personalities by their hairstyles.  
   Looking back I honestly don't know why I was surprised.  In the past, I have mentioned the fact that people often create their desired image to the public through their outward appearance.  Keeping this in mind, it makes sense that my changed hair may portray a different character to those around me.  Now I feel like I have to decide who my new personality will be. When I really consider it, I find it all very liberating.  Maybe that is why I have changed my hairstyle so many times over the years.  
   So much of my life is controlled.  Currently, I do not smoke, drink alcohol, drink caffeine, wear revealing clothing, or even chew gum for that matter! (it hurts my jaw that clicks) When I combine all of these things with the fact that a few years back my boyfriend and I got chickens to raise I am fairly sure I am almost Amish.  Don't get me wrong, it took me a long time to get to the stable place I have landed and I am proud of myself.  However, for my own amusement I sometimes need to shake things up a bit.  Even if it means I scare my coworker, or my boyfriend drives right by without recognizing me standing there, or the public has a different interpretation of who I may be.  You know, my dad originally wanted to name me Rachel.  That name does kind of have a nice ring to it

Dress:  Thrifted (Bila)
Sandals:  The FRYE Company
Purse:  Vintage
Necklace:  Baublebar
Bracelet:  Thrifted