Sunday, October 5, 2014

Secret Swank

   When regarding appearance, I always try to put my best foot forward.  Due to the fact that I work a job that requires me to wear a company uniform, whenever I get a day off it becomes a kind of special occasion to show off my personal style.  
   As one can imagine, it is difficult to display any type of fashion consciousness while covered in sweat and dirt in a greenhouse.  Surprisingly, while I take great joy in styling the pieces from my wardrobe, at times I feel very relieved that I do not have to do it every day.  Wearing a uniform gives my brain a break from the constant thoughts of, "What shoes can I pair with that skirt?," and, "Didn't I wear that last time I hung out with them?"  Yes, I know my life is stressful.
   On the days I do get to hang up the company duds, I find myself extra excited to plan what I will wear.  These are the special days I get to exhibit my personality.  It is on these days that I get to clean the dirt off the grubby little garden center worker and transform into an individual woman...who has style...and dare I say it, some swank.  Honestly, thinking about it now I should credit my loathsome uniform for the motivation it gives me to present a better appearance to the public.  
   As a result, on the nights before I have a day off from work I find myself resorting to a type of ritual.  This ritual aids the transformation from uniform wearing working stiff to quirky fashion blogger.  I may need to somehow incorporate Clark Kent's phone booth into this transformation in order for it to completely work.  
   In conclusion, for this fashion blogger styling clothing is not just a hobby.  It is a liberating escape from an extremely not glamorous and often humbling career in public service.  Due to this, any day I find myself not selling plants to the public I attempt to look like some of the extremely stylish ladies I serve.  I do this because I am a stylish lady who is often incognito.  Now that cell phones are so popular I just wonder where the other ladies have their phone booths?

Jeans:  Miss Me
Boots:  Vintage
Purse:  Thrifted
Bag Charm:  Free People
Necklace:  Free People
Earrings:  Gift made by a friend
Sunglasses:  Vintage

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