Sunday, October 26, 2014

Breath of God

   It's not what you think.  I didn't suddenly decide to get all preachy on everyone.  "Breath of God," is the name of the perfume I was wearing the day I took these photographs.  As I have stated before, I'm a real sucker for buying cosmetics due to their names.  I mean come on, with a name like, "Breath of God," how could I possibly go wrong?
   First of all, this particular scent is available through LUSH (fresh handmade cosmetics).  A friend of mine recommended LUSH to me due to it's rather, "hippie dippie," reputation.  Due to my geographic dilemma, there is not a LUSH boutique to be found on the plains.  Once I checked out the website I was hooked by it's world friendly advertising campaign and outrageous product names plus packaging.  I dove straight in and, "Breath of God," perfume was one of the first things I purchased.
   I thought this particular post was the right time to introduce LUSH and it's collection of misfit cosmetics.  The reason I believe this is because LUSH is not for everyone.  Wait, let me be more specific.  "Breath of God," is not for everyone.  This perfume is one of the most powerful patchouli scents I have ever encountered, (and let me tell you, I was an art major in college so I know patchouli).  I mean this is scorch your nostril hairs, knock you on the floor, wake Jerry Garcia from the dead patchouli.  The first time I put it on I experienced a reaction close to the one I had the first time I smoked a cigarette.  I felt a little older (in fact, I felt a lot older, like I was a visitor time traveling from 1969).  This made me feel kinda cool and bad ass even though my eyes were starting to turn red and burn, which also could have been from a visit to 1969.  Honestly, like my first cigarette, I wasn't sure, "Breath of God," was right for me.  However, like the old saying states practice makes perfect and soon enough I was splashing on copious amounts of the most potent patchouli around.  Oh yeah and as a side note, kids don't smoke it is a filthy habit that is impossibly hard to quit yadda yadda yadda...
   Relating back to the topic of fashion, like the perfume from LUSH, the dress that I am wearing in the above photographs is also not for everyone.  It is over-sized, a bit outdated, and may also make certain individual's eyes burn.  However, I love it.  Overalls have made a big comeback lately and while this version is not the skinny leg variety one may see advertised today, it is still in my opinion a step in the right direction.  Did I mention how comfortable this dress is?  
   In a way I believe LUSH hit it spot on with the name of their perfume.  This scent is like religion in the way that it may not be for everyone, but it constantly demands attention.  Next time I wear this combination of dress and perfume I guarantee you will notice me.  I am the one who looks like the 90s and smells like the 60s.  Only God can make sense of that.

T shirt:  OBEY
Sneakers:  Puma
Purse:  Vintage (Dior)
LUSH Website:

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