Sunday, June 17, 2018

That hat!

   I’ve always been hot for hats.  Basically, I’ve never been that impressed with my hair. As a result, I’ve found hats to be a great way to shake things up a bit.  For example, currently I’m in the middle of a hair crisis.  I recently decided to grow out my beloved bangs.  Admittedly, this decision was one made out of pure laziness.  I miss one hair appointment and suddenly your whole identity is off the rails!  Not only am I going through that ugly, "in-between," phase with the front of my head, I decided I didn’t want to spend the extra cash to color such a messed up mane.  As a result, currently my hair is almost at its’ natural color.  This is something I’ve not been able to state since I was about fifteen years old.  
   I must add, it’s a tad unnerving to be confronted with my unaltered self.  All I can say is, “Thank you camera apps!” At least technology allows me to twist the color of my hot mess into something less morose.  In addition, it seems unfair that upon finally accepting my natural hair color I’m slapped with the reality that I’m starting to go grey!  There's this pesky little patch towards the front of my face that seems to be multiplying by the minute.  I can only hope to get some bad ass white streaks in the future.  If not soon, this lady will, "just say no," to natural.
   Of course currently I'm fully engaged in the idea of my boho hippie summer.  Ironically, I'm daring to expose a bit of my true self while furiously trying to cover it up with accessories.  Honestly, I believe a lady can never have too many hats…at least one who is growing out her bangs and swiftly coming up on the age of forty.  The hat I’m wearing in the above photographs is a definite favorite of mine.  I can’t help but feel a little, "Glamour meets Country Joe and the Fish," every time I put it on. 
   In the end I think that’s the best thing about a hat.  One can change their persona simply by putting it on.  Maybe there will come a time when I won’t feel the overwhelming urge to digitally alter my self-portraits.  Maybe the key to finding one’s ideal identity is as simple as changing a hat.  

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Hitch A Ride On The Ark

   Usually the success of an outfit is all about one’s creativity.  For example, the potential “meh,” ensemble featured above was one that I constructed almost entirely out of secondhand items.  I remember literally gasping upon finding this four dollar Banana Republic blazer at St. Vinnys.  “Certainly I can do something with this,” I thought while mentally redefining my hippie themed summer into a nautical one. 
   Upon further exploration I became befuddled by my beautiful blue blazer.  While I found this purchase to be a total no-brainer, I couldn’t quite wrap my head around the idea of how I was going to translate such a, “preppy,” piece into boho beachwear.  Basically, how was I going to make this jacket not look like just another day at my desk?
   Not that I haven’t enjoyed wearing this item to work.  In fact, most of my favorite articles of clothing are ones that I can dull down to wear professionally.  The reason being my classic excuse that, “Hey, I bought this for work!”  However, on my days off I tend to, “let my hair down,”…a little.  I like to jazz up my wardrobe a titch…get a tad edgy…let my freak flag fly.  Unfortunately, sometimes letting ones’, “freak flag fly,” simply makes an individual look like a freak. 
   In the end, I decided to resolve the conundrum I couldn’t wrap my head around with yet another one of my head wraps.  Honestly, hats and head wraps have become my answer for every, “bleh,” outfit.  I truly believe the key to curing most boring ensembles lies in accessories.  I certainly think this philosophy proved true in the above pictures.  Not only do I want to give myself creativity points for styling this outfit, I would like to toot my own horn for making the actual head wrap I’m wearing.   A while back I had been fumbling through my closet, shamefully looking at a bunch of cast off clothing I would never wear again.  Just as I was starting to feel the extreme guilt of hoarding take over I realized I could convert that too young tube top into a pretty bad ass head scarf.  Bony back be damned!  That rather spendy shirt I never felt confident wearing was finally going to pay off!
   I’m also proud to report my craftiness did not stop there.  Not only did I create a rather nice hair accessory out of a top that initially made me look like a skeleton, my creativity allowed me to finally scrape together enough dough for the Cult Gaia bag I’ve been eyeing for over a year now.  It took me forever to decide on a color and when this breathtaking lapis beauty finally arrived in the mail I instantly knew what jacket it was destined to debut with.  I left the house that day feeling like a million bucks…while carrying exactly no cash…which one could easily observe by looking through the gaps of my rather translucent handbag.  Despite the fact that I have been shamefully spending all of my money on funky purses lately, I believe a truly creative woman can justify this kind of frivolous behavior.  I mean, if these photographs don’t prove how damn cool the Ark Bag is then…

Saturday, June 2, 2018

"Lost In Sp...are Time"

   “Whew!”  Well, that was weird.  I’m sad to report that last week was the first in, “Little House Of Haute,” history that I did not publish a blog post.  I simply didn’t feel like it.  Let’s take a moment to reflect on that.  Last week was the first time since this blog’s 2014 inception that I didn’t feel like rambling on about mindless crap.  What has the world become?!
   To be totally honest I was still babbling gibberish last Sunday. However, it was to real people instead of a computer screen.  Tonight I sit here pondering which form of communication I prefer.  While it was definitely nice to have some people…actually, it turned out to be a whole lot of people…which started to freak me out after a while…over to the house for the holiday weekend, I will state, this creature of habit is much more comfortable talking at an empty Word document.  After last weekend’s socializing extravaganza this exhausted blogger found herself literally out of things to say.
   The odd thing about shirking last week’s post was that it felt totally natural.  All this week I waited for feelings of regret, intense guilt, or even a random lightning bolt to hit me.  However nothing ever happened!  I skipped my weekly post and the world kept turning!  “My God!”  I wondered.  “Maybe I could do this more often.”
   While I think it's fairly obvious I immensely enjoy writing, what I consider, witty commentaries on my life it does take an enormous amount of time.  It also has occurred to me that other personal style bloggers…"eh hem"…much more successful in the field never seem to write much to accompany their pictures.  Perhaps that’s one of the reasons they prosper.  They don’t put their readers through a weekly endurance test.  Lastly, I've been really ruminating on the idea that all the time I’ve spent writing these posts I could have probably been actually telling these anecdotes to real people…like face to face.  Basically, blogging has hurt my social life in a big way.
   Right….because I would’ve been out on the town every time I was blogging.  Okay yeah, that’s not even slightly believable.  However, I will state sometimes I do find these mini essays to be a chore.  Especially when I could be reading that insane thriller novel I just started or catching up on the next episode of, “Lost In Space.”  In addition, Instagram certainly makes it easy to continue posting glamour shots while not committing to a lengthy commentary. 
   Of course, we all know the madness of, “Little House Of Haute,” will not end.  I just can’t part with it.  It’s played too big of a role in my leisure life.  What in the world would I do without it?  I suppose I could go record shopping.  In fact, the day I took the above pictures that’s exactly what I did and I had a wonderful time.  However you can be damn sure I got my blog post written before I did it.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

The Future Is Amazing

   Okay...I’ll admit it.  I took these pictures months ago and that’s why I suddenly have shorter hair and bangs again.  However, despite the current time of year, it’s fairly chilly out today and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to post the fall pictures I never had time to feature. 
   At one point in my life this act would be unthinkable.  In fact, around the time I took these photographs I would have never considered posting images out of chronological order.  However, as I’ve stated before, I aim for this to be my carefree hippie summer and damn it, you have to start somewhere…right? 
   As a result, I no longer feel restrained by the stupid little rules I make up in my head.  If I want to post fall outfits in May I’m going to.  Especially when the weather outside is perfectly appropriate for this type of outfit.  In addition, I’ve given up strictly posting on Sunday mornings.  Look at me world!  It’s Saturday afternoon and I’ve got some free time.  I don’t think a lightning bolt will strike me if I publish today?...nah!…no?
   Most importantly, I no longer feel like I have to blather on about nothing for at least one Word Document page’s worth simply because that’s what I randomly decided my standard essay length should be.  I've finally decided I can write as little, or as much as I want.  No one cares!  Okay...actually that might not be true, considering there are a few friends of mine that have loyally kept reading this thing despite the drivel I’ve continually spewed out.  These kind and patient individuals might be delighted to hear I will be allowing myself to write less if there is simply nothing worth saying. I want to state I remain ever so grateful to those people.  You have kept my hobby alive, which in turn has kept me happy with my life. 
   …and that’s about all I’ve got.   Honestly the day so far has been pretty mellow.  I took the dogs for a walk…oh, I guess there was all those ticks I got to pick off everyone afterwards.  That was pretty exciting.  Then we got some tacos and now I’m trying to write about nothing.  Of course, this no longer stresses me out since I’ve gone through my, “Frankie", (Grace & Frankie) transformation.  My current self wants to go back in time to the perfectly coiffed individual in the above pictures and yell, “Hey!  Snap out of it!  Don’t worry!  A few months from now you’re going to be so laid back you’ll be posting crap on Saturdays!  Also, and this is the most important thing, you’ll be wearing a lot of cool hats!  The future is amazing!”

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Screaming Into The Void

   I’ve recently decided there's nothing that pisses me off more than a bad internet connection.  I can hear it now, “Poor Raine…this is what my special man friend calls me...the worst thing in her life is that she can’t sign into her Instagram account to see how many, “likes,” her latest blog picture got.”  While I get seriously annoyed by the endless teasing I’ve had to endure from my totally, "unplugged," companion, I have to admit his comments regarding my addiction to the interwebs are quite valid.  It’s true…if I can’t access my social media accounts I feel panicked.  God forbid people are allowed to forget about me for a day!
   The whole idea of this obsession with socialization is quite strange for me considering most of my, “real life," free time is spent either alone or with the aforementioned gentlemen…who I noticed today can annoy me with simply the sound of his chewing…who knew fried chicken could be so freaking LOUD?!  Side note:  if the simple act of someone else’s eating is starting to push your buttons you may need to spend an afternoon apart once in a while.  Of course it’s…wait, hold on a second…what was I writing…huh…, “CAN YOU PLEASE TURN DOWN THE TV!!!  I CAN’T HEAR MYSELF THINKING ABOVE THE ROAR OF YET ANOTHER, “LAW & ORDER,” EPISODE!!!”  My God, I think the chewing noises were less irritating than Sam Waterston’s voice turned up to way above 11.
   Mentioning Sam Waterston reminds me of an episode of, “Grace and Frankie,” where a computer technician is attempting to explain the concept of the internet to the oblivious Luddite character of Frankie.  Basically, the technician states that posting something online should not be perceived as a personal conversation, but rather something more like screaming into the void.  I found this idea rather profound… and embarrassing since this technology amateur has always considered posting a much more intimate experience. 
   Unfortunately this concept of, “force feeding information to anyone who will listen,” has stuck with me. As a result, my blog writing experience has changed.  The whole thing just feels less special.  In addition, there's nothing more lonely than realizing you’re actually speaking to nobody…for like years. 
   At the same time, there's a certain sense of relief that comes with the idea that it doesn’t matter what kind of gobbledygook one comes up with while blogging.  Yes, there's a freedom one feels with the realization that this is not a conversation and things don’t have to make sense.  In addition, it's fantastic to be able to blather on about a bunch of opinions without anyone else interjecting their… “okay, now what the hell was that noise?!  Great..yep…that is definitely the sound of one of my animals barfing…probably from the fifth consecutive, “Law & Order,” episode they’ve had to endure watching.  I’ve got to go clean that up…but how was I going to end this thing?  Did I even discuss the outfit I’m wearing in the above photographs?  Man, that sounds kind of bad.  How much grass did Shelby wolf down the last time I took her potty?  I better wrap this up quick.  Uh...yep, it sure is nice to be able to scream into that void with no unwanted interruptions from the outside.”

Sunday, May 6, 2018

"There is a season"...

      I think it’s only fair to admit that this is a cop out post.  Honestly it seems like a tragedy, considering the above images are some of the best I’ve taken for quite some time.  However, it finally feels like summer and I can’t help but feel like I’ve got better shit to do than sit indoors and write! 
   Keeping the beautiful weather in mind, I want to state that I now feel inspired to skip over my profane back stock of winter photos. I want to start posting some current stuff!  Who made the rule that all of my blog pictures have to be posted chronologically?   While I know my OCD brain will struggle with this, I can’t help but feel more satisfied celebrating the long anticipated arrival of the sun.  However, don’t be surprised if once in a while I throw in a post featuring mittens.  Yep, all hell has broken loose in this lady’s world.  I’m going to post what my heart tells me.  It will be so nice to finally give my annoying head a rest!
   However, before we get into my carefree hippie summer I do need to address the images in the above post.  I can proudly state this is an outfit that was composed almost fully of secondhand items.  The result is definitely one of my favorite ensembles…like…ever.  I can’t believe all of the amusing comments I’ve gotten from acquaintances regarding it.  So far I’ve had people state it reminds them of a Russian spy and a WWI soldier.  I also had one friend write it looked like I was some sort of woodswoman who was about to ride off on a moose.  I guess the reason I enjoyed all of these reactions is simply because everyone had an opinion of who I looked like, and it seemed unanimous that it wasn’t Rayna. 
   In my opinion, one of the best parts of fashion is the ability to transform oneself into another, “character,” simply through clothing.  I find it very liberating to think I can choose to be someone else for a day.  Looking back at these pictures I almost think I was a different person at that time.  I can’t think of a more introspective way to say goodbye to a rather depressing winter.