Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Haute Hang-Up (One of a Kind Everytime) jewelry

   During the course of my life I have gone through many phases.  Many of them have been notably good. Unfortunately, some of them have been equally bad.  Other phases I have embraced have just been plain fun.  It is these rather unimportant, but fun, things that I often find myself dwelling on.  I do this because there is no pressure when it comes to the frivolous things in life.  I do this because these things simply bring me joy.  This is where I would like to introduce my latest, "fun phase."  So without hesitation, I will define the newest Haute Hang-Up as, One of a Kind Everytime, jewelry.  Not only am I loving these lavish local treasures, I have been able to share this enthusiasm with one of my favorite individuals.  Yep, of course it's mom.
   It should be a well known fact that when I like something I'm extremely loyal to it.  If a reader were to page back through several of my older posts they would be able to easily recite which labels of clothing I'm most partial to.  During the course of my many thrifting trips, I find myself constantly in pursuit of not only the perfect vintage find, but also the almighty label.  Of course, this same rule applies with the labels I do not favor.  An example of this happened just the other day.  I was at Savers...uh, because I was awake...and I was checking out a rather adorable vest with a brand name I did not like on it.  Even though I thought the vest was the potential perfect addition to my wardrobe I found myself revolted by the idea of an, "old lady brand," entering my closet .  Hence, the vest remained on the rack and some other fashionable, and not so discriminating individual most likely got to bring this treasure home.  
   OK, enough of that tangent let's return to the topic at hand.  I will repeat the statement, when I find something I like I stick to it.  This post is dedicated to the fact that I really LOVE, One of a Kind Everytime, jewelry!  The biggest aspect I appreciate about these designs, is that they're not only appropriate, but flattering to wear with just about anything.  While most individuals may pair these rather grand statement necklaces with a more formal outfit, I found it quite easy to wear them with my everyday clothing, featured in the photographs above.  Not only would I state this jewelry can be worn with darn near anything, I would add these pieces are appealing to just about anyone.  Meaning despite one's age or taste, One of a Kind Everytime, jewelry can find a home in any closet.  An example of this being both my mom and I love this designer's work and have easily found pieces that compliment each of our individual wardrobes.  Let it be noted, my mom has always had fantastic taste in fashion, and I credit her for any talent I may exhibit in putting together a decent outfit.  Especially, since she was the one who encouraged me in my formative years to lean towards the then unconventional style of bell bottom jeans and crochet vests.  Who knows, without mom I may not be the, "patron of the poncho," that I am.  Wait, have I not worn a poncho on this blog yet? That's so wrong!
   Like my outrageous poncho collection, (which I have yet to feature, but must remedy soon), I foresee my collection of, One of a Kind Everytime, jewelry getting larger.  Which makes me happy not only because it is beautiful quality pieces, but also due to the fact that designer Fay Loftesness is an absolute pleasure to work with.  All of the necklaces featured in this post have been custom orders placed by my mom and I.  I cannot express how creative, accommodating, and prompt the service has been while working with this designer.  Not only have I been delighted to support a local business, it has been a real thrill to encourage the work of this true artist.
   Oh, and did I mention the best part of this jewelry?  Each piece is a one of a kind item that will never be exactly replicated again.  There is something about that type of exclusivity that makes this label snob swoon.  I guess I just want my jewelry to be as rare as the individual wearing it.

All Necklaces created by:  One of a Kind Everytime Jewelry/ Designer:  Fay Loftesness
Contact Information:
Items also sold at:  7th Ave Hair & Company

*Special thanks to my guest model.  Thank you Mom!  You are beautiful as always, inside and out.
* Some pictures taken by Clark.  Thank you Dad!


Sunday, February 15, 2015

I Must be Nuts

   I must be nuts, and I have these pictures to prove it.  I think it's normal for everyone to question their sanity from time to time.  I don't think it's normal for multiple others to question it for you.  I'm sitting here writing this, hoping that anyone who reads my post will not suddenly be horrified by the depth of my eccentricities.   Wait eccentricities... yeah, that's the ticket.  I'm not nuts.  I'm  just eccentric, which is often quite charming and downright stylish when referring to fashion.  Yep, just think of me as quirky.  Picture something like Woody Allen wearing a wool sweater vest with a cottage and lambs on it.  Can't picture it?  Page back through some of my old posts and you'll see that vest.  I have one and I must say that baby was a hit on Chictopia!  See, quirky is in.  However nuts, is not.
   The reason I'm stating, "I must be nuts", this time is because of the weather I braved the day I took these blog pictures.  On this particular day in South Dakota, the outdoors was below freezing temperatures accompanied by a fairly decent blizzard.  At the time, I was dressed and ready to meet with some friends for a night of shopping and much needed female bonding.  Unfortunately, during my drive into town I discovered the wind was kicking up so much snow visibility was almost nihil. My decision, while not desirable, was easy.  I had to turn around and go home to face another winter's night stuck in the house, staring at my boyfriend watching game shows.  Wait, scratch that.  I had to turn around and go through the Burger King drive-thru, then go home to quaff down a Whopper and stare at my boyfriend watching game shows.  My intended evening out with the ladies had become rather bleak.
   However, before I resorted to these inevitable events, I decided to snap a few blog photos of the outfit I intended to wear out.  Here introduces my, "eccentricities."  It was absolutely, bone chillingly cold when I took these photographs.  Not only that, but the wind was obscene.  Did it cross my mind to let this photo opportunity pass?  Yes.  Was I aware that most individuals would not put themselves through such physical misery to get some silly snapshots of a mediocre outfit?  Yes.  On the other hand, was the artist in me interested to see how the elements would affect the overall mood and appearance of these pictures?  Absolutely.  So blogger on the tundra, it was!
   Overall, I think that some of these shots turned out pretty cool.  I really like the movement created by the wind.  My favorite picture is the last one.  I think the washed out colors combined with the icicles hanging off the garage makes me look like one of those ancient creatures scientists find frozen in the ice.  Quick side note, if you happen to drive by sometime this winter and still see me standing out in the yard like this, please feel free to stop and make sure I'm not actually frozen to the ground. Us quirky girls need checked on like that.

Coat:  Miss Sixty
Jacket:  American Rag
Jeans:  Gap
Boots:  Sorel
Necklace:  Vintage


Sunday, February 8, 2015

Lipstick on My Teeth

   I gotta say lately I've been feeling pretty good about myself.  I think it's normal for most women to experience major ups and downs when regarding their self esteem.  Heck, lets take that comment a step further and state it's normal for everyone to experience a roller coaster of emotions while wrestling with personal image.  Over the years I have learned to really savor the times I feel truly confident, because experience has taught me these moments may not last for long.  
   As I stated earlier, lately I have been feeling darn spiffy.  In many ways last year was a dandy for me.  It started with the creation of this blog.  Then continued with the growing success of my mom and I's little headscarf business.  Finally, I hit it big with my breakout modeling gig as a cover girl for a local magazine!  If that don't beat all, I actually have had people approach me saying they read my blog and enjoyed it!  My God, do these people really think I'm interesting, or funny, or most of all stylish?  Now that I have amassed a handful of readers should I actually know something about...uh, anything instead of just taking hundreds of glamour shots and blathering on about trivial things?  Nah, the feedback has been good so how could this lady not want to give herself a pat on the back?  Yep, lately I've been feeling like a part of the fashion scene I adore.
   The day I wore the above outfit I was feeling especially grand considering the rather trendy early twenty something girl who rang me up at Savers commented that, "she really liked my outfit and thought it looked very nice."  I left the store beaming thinking, "that's right, this lady can still hang with the cool kids."  I mean come on, I have a style blog!  I have to know something about fashion, right?...right?
   Of course, I rode this self esteem high for as long as fate would let me.  Which was up until about two days ago when a complete stranger destroyed my, "buzz."  The first step towards my inevitable self deprecation was an unwise trip to the mall.  Let me note it has taken me several years to become even remotely comfortable entering a mall.  In fact, it was only within the last few years that I actually began to enjoy this always cramped and often annoying environment.  This particular day I was on a mission for a new Yankee Candle when a young lady working one of the hallway kiosks blocked my way and began quizzing me on my cosmetic routine.  I politely told her I did not have time to talk when she interrupted me with the opinion that, " I had beautiful skin but my pores were so large she could see them from where she was standing."  At this point I not so politely stated with my cold dark stare that I would not be talking about skin care cosmetics today.  Later, once arriving home rather disheartened, I noticed I had lipstick on my teeth.  Really, this woman could notice freak'n microscopic pores but not clue a girl in on a massive red streak on her teeth!  So much for female solidarity.
   In conclusion, sometimes one may feel like a cover girl model.  Other times that same individual may feel like a horse-face with cheap lipstick on.  My advice to ease these sorrows is get yourself a Yankee candle and a new scarf from The Limited.  It worked for me.

Sweater:  Savers  (Ugly Sweater Rack)
Jeans:  Henry & Belle
Boots:  Ugg
Purse:  Jonathan Adler
Belt:  Anthropologie
Earrings:  Natasha 
Bracelet:  Hotcakes Design

Sunday, February 1, 2015

A Little Bit to the Left...Your Other Left!

   As we all know it's winter and that means some major, "down-time," for most people employed in the, "Green Industry."  Since my specific household contains two individuals in this field, winter is defined by many lazy days spent loitering coffee houses, wandering town aimlessly, and matinee movies at the cheap seats.  Sounds luxurious, right?  Well, that depends...
   As I've stated before both my boyfriend and I have seasonal jobs.  Many years ago I thought a winter lull could provide a wonderful opportunity for us to bond.  I soon realized with experience that, "down-time," can quickly transform into actual down time.  Meaning, gloomy winter weather combined with too much time around the house poses potential for some pretty sorry social situations.  For example, how many times can a couple talk about the temperature outside?  How many episodes of, "Family Feud," can two people possibly watch in a week?  Most of all, how often can one bring up how cute the cat is in one day?  I mean come on, that's a lot of pressure on the cat to perform!  Basically, what I'm getting at here is, what do two adults have to talk to each other about when absolutely nothing is going on?  No matter how much you may love someone, sometimes I believe constant, "quality," time can get as tedious as watching paint dry.
   Speaking of paint, (do you like how I segued there?), A. and I have been attempting to stave off the winter doldrums by trying our hand at decorating.  Recently, we remodeled our house and due to our usual busy schedules at work we have neglected to find the time to transform our shiny new rooms into an actual home.  Of course, when I write that we recently remodeled I really mean this happened two years ago.  However, I was being honest when I wrote the word neglected since neither of us seem to show any talent when it comes to interior decor.  Which I find odd since A. is the owner of a landscape design company and I am a former art major turned local greenhouse employee/ fashion blogger/ self proclaimed small scale style guru.  You know, that has a ring to it.  I may have to get business cards made up.  Anyway, it became immediately clear to both of us that finding the right bric-a-brac for a shelf without crapping it up is not easy.  
   I think A. nailed it the other night when he stated, "he just wanted our home to look classy like other people's houses."  As soon as he said it I knew what he meant.  What is it about our home that we just can't get right?  It couldn't possibly be the shelf displaying my collection of, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," DVDs.  Nor could it be our collection of mismatched and chipped dishes constantly drying in the sink.  I certainly refuse to believe it has anything to do with the copious amount of taxidermy we have on display.  Which, of course, is always my first priority to dust.  Nope, I just can't imagine why our home doesn't look like the magazines.
   Despite our lack of talent regarding interior decor, A. and I recently finished decorating one corner of our main room.  We survived the constant headache of trying to agree on what our combined vision was and came up with an area we think of as magazine worthy.  Unfortunately, now we're just too scared of wrecking it to actually use it.   Yep, the house just keeps getting smaller for these two homebodies. 

Jacket:  Roxy
Skirt:  Hazel
Boots:  Born
Purse:  Jonathan Adler
Scarf:  Thrifted
Sunglasses:  (Gift from A.)  Versace