Sunday, February 1, 2015

A Little Bit to the Left...Your Other Left!

   As we all know it's winter and that means some major, "down-time," for most people employed in the, "Green Industry."  Since my specific household contains two individuals in this field, winter is defined by many lazy days spent loitering coffee houses, wandering town aimlessly, and matinee movies at the cheap seats.  Sounds luxurious, right?  Well, that depends...
   As I've stated before both my boyfriend and I have seasonal jobs.  Many years ago I thought a winter lull could provide a wonderful opportunity for us to bond.  I soon realized with experience that, "down-time," can quickly transform into actual down time.  Meaning, gloomy winter weather combined with too much time around the house poses potential for some pretty sorry social situations.  For example, how many times can a couple talk about the temperature outside?  How many episodes of, "Family Feud," can two people possibly watch in a week?  Most of all, how often can one bring up how cute the cat is in one day?  I mean come on, that's a lot of pressure on the cat to perform!  Basically, what I'm getting at here is, what do two adults have to talk to each other about when absolutely nothing is going on?  No matter how much you may love someone, sometimes I believe constant, "quality," time can get as tedious as watching paint dry.
   Speaking of paint, (do you like how I segued there?), A. and I have been attempting to stave off the winter doldrums by trying our hand at decorating.  Recently, we remodeled our house and due to our usual busy schedules at work we have neglected to find the time to transform our shiny new rooms into an actual home.  Of course, when I write that we recently remodeled I really mean this happened two years ago.  However, I was being honest when I wrote the word neglected since neither of us seem to show any talent when it comes to interior decor.  Which I find odd since A. is the owner of a landscape design company and I am a former art major turned local greenhouse employee/ fashion blogger/ self proclaimed small scale style guru.  You know, that has a ring to it.  I may have to get business cards made up.  Anyway, it became immediately clear to both of us that finding the right bric-a-brac for a shelf without crapping it up is not easy.  
   I think A. nailed it the other night when he stated, "he just wanted our home to look classy like other people's houses."  As soon as he said it I knew what he meant.  What is it about our home that we just can't get right?  It couldn't possibly be the shelf displaying my collection of, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," DVDs.  Nor could it be our collection of mismatched and chipped dishes constantly drying in the sink.  I certainly refuse to believe it has anything to do with the copious amount of taxidermy we have on display.  Which, of course, is always my first priority to dust.  Nope, I just can't imagine why our home doesn't look like the magazines.
   Despite our lack of talent regarding interior decor, A. and I recently finished decorating one corner of our main room.  We survived the constant headache of trying to agree on what our combined vision was and came up with an area we think of as magazine worthy.  Unfortunately, now we're just too scared of wrecking it to actually use it.   Yep, the house just keeps getting smaller for these two homebodies. 

Jacket:  Roxy
Skirt:  Hazel
Boots:  Born
Purse:  Jonathan Adler
Scarf:  Thrifted
Sunglasses:  (Gift from A.)  Versace


  1. Magazines always have such lovely pictures ... when I was young I really wanted to live like some of those ... then I realized visiting someone whose house would have been perfect in a magazine ... she never used it fully or enjoyed it ... better to live in your home :) and enjoy being comfy in it :) in my opinion!

    1. and a wise opinion it is! Thank you Barbara :)

  2. The house can look like crap as long as the people who live in it enjoy hanging around together.