Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Haute Hang-Up (One of a Kind Everytime) jewelry

   During the course of my life I have gone through many phases.  Many of them have been notably good. Unfortunately, some of them have been equally bad.  Other phases I have embraced have just been plain fun.  It is these rather unimportant, but fun, things that I often find myself dwelling on.  I do this because there is no pressure when it comes to the frivolous things in life.  I do this because these things simply bring me joy.  This is where I would like to introduce my latest, "fun phase."  So without hesitation, I will define the newest Haute Hang-Up as, One of a Kind Everytime, jewelry.  Not only am I loving these lavish local treasures, I have been able to share this enthusiasm with one of my favorite individuals.  Yep, of course it's mom.
   It should be a well known fact that when I like something I'm extremely loyal to it.  If a reader were to page back through several of my older posts they would be able to easily recite which labels of clothing I'm most partial to.  During the course of my many thrifting trips, I find myself constantly in pursuit of not only the perfect vintage find, but also the almighty label.  Of course, this same rule applies with the labels I do not favor.  An example of this happened just the other day.  I was at Savers...uh, because I was awake...and I was checking out a rather adorable vest with a brand name I did not like on it.  Even though I thought the vest was the potential perfect addition to my wardrobe I found myself revolted by the idea of an, "old lady brand," entering my closet .  Hence, the vest remained on the rack and some other fashionable, and not so discriminating individual most likely got to bring this treasure home.  
   OK, enough of that tangent let's return to the topic at hand.  I will repeat the statement, when I find something I like I stick to it.  This post is dedicated to the fact that I really LOVE, One of a Kind Everytime, jewelry!  The biggest aspect I appreciate about these designs, is that they're not only appropriate, but flattering to wear with just about anything.  While most individuals may pair these rather grand statement necklaces with a more formal outfit, I found it quite easy to wear them with my everyday clothing, featured in the photographs above.  Not only would I state this jewelry can be worn with darn near anything, I would add these pieces are appealing to just about anyone.  Meaning despite one's age or taste, One of a Kind Everytime, jewelry can find a home in any closet.  An example of this being both my mom and I love this designer's work and have easily found pieces that compliment each of our individual wardrobes.  Let it be noted, my mom has always had fantastic taste in fashion, and I credit her for any talent I may exhibit in putting together a decent outfit.  Especially, since she was the one who encouraged me in my formative years to lean towards the then unconventional style of bell bottom jeans and crochet vests.  Who knows, without mom I may not be the, "patron of the poncho," that I am.  Wait, have I not worn a poncho on this blog yet? That's so wrong!
   Like my outrageous poncho collection, (which I have yet to feature, but must remedy soon), I foresee my collection of, One of a Kind Everytime, jewelry getting larger.  Which makes me happy not only because it is beautiful quality pieces, but also due to the fact that designer Fay Loftesness is an absolute pleasure to work with.  All of the necklaces featured in this post have been custom orders placed by my mom and I.  I cannot express how creative, accommodating, and prompt the service has been while working with this designer.  Not only have I been delighted to support a local business, it has been a real thrill to encourage the work of this true artist.
   Oh, and did I mention the best part of this jewelry?  Each piece is a one of a kind item that will never be exactly replicated again.  There is something about that type of exclusivity that makes this label snob swoon.  I guess I just want my jewelry to be as rare as the individual wearing it.

All Necklaces created by:  One of a Kind Everytime Jewelry/ Designer:  Fay Loftesness
Contact Information:
Items also sold at:  7th Ave Hair & Company

*Special thanks to my guest model.  Thank you Mom!  You are beautiful as always, inside and out.
* Some pictures taken by Clark.  Thank you Dad!



  1. Wonderful post and pictures.

  2. Wonderful post and pictures.

    1. Thank you Mom for the nice comment, and for all the help with this post. It would not have turned out as good without you!