Sunday, February 8, 2015

Lipstick on My Teeth

   I gotta say lately I've been feeling pretty good about myself.  I think it's normal for most women to experience major ups and downs when regarding their self esteem.  Heck, lets take that comment a step further and state it's normal for everyone to experience a roller coaster of emotions while wrestling with personal image.  Over the years I have learned to really savor the times I feel truly confident, because experience has taught me these moments may not last for long.  
   As I stated earlier, lately I have been feeling darn spiffy.  In many ways last year was a dandy for me.  It started with the creation of this blog.  Then continued with the growing success of my mom and I's little headscarf business.  Finally, I hit it big with my breakout modeling gig as a cover girl for a local magazine!  If that don't beat all, I actually have had people approach me saying they read my blog and enjoyed it!  My God, do these people really think I'm interesting, or funny, or most of all stylish?  Now that I have amassed a handful of readers should I actually know something about...uh, anything instead of just taking hundreds of glamour shots and blathering on about trivial things?  Nah, the feedback has been good so how could this lady not want to give herself a pat on the back?  Yep, lately I've been feeling like a part of the fashion scene I adore.
   The day I wore the above outfit I was feeling especially grand considering the rather trendy early twenty something girl who rang me up at Savers commented that, "she really liked my outfit and thought it looked very nice."  I left the store beaming thinking, "that's right, this lady can still hang with the cool kids."  I mean come on, I have a style blog!  I have to know something about fashion, right?...right?
   Of course, I rode this self esteem high for as long as fate would let me.  Which was up until about two days ago when a complete stranger destroyed my, "buzz."  The first step towards my inevitable self deprecation was an unwise trip to the mall.  Let me note it has taken me several years to become even remotely comfortable entering a mall.  In fact, it was only within the last few years that I actually began to enjoy this always cramped and often annoying environment.  This particular day I was on a mission for a new Yankee Candle when a young lady working one of the hallway kiosks blocked my way and began quizzing me on my cosmetic routine.  I politely told her I did not have time to talk when she interrupted me with the opinion that, " I had beautiful skin but my pores were so large she could see them from where she was standing."  At this point I not so politely stated with my cold dark stare that I would not be talking about skin care cosmetics today.  Later, once arriving home rather disheartened, I noticed I had lipstick on my teeth.  Really, this woman could notice freak'n microscopic pores but not clue a girl in on a massive red streak on her teeth!  So much for female solidarity.
   In conclusion, sometimes one may feel like a cover girl model.  Other times that same individual may feel like a horse-face with cheap lipstick on.  My advice to ease these sorrows is get yourself a Yankee candle and a new scarf from The Limited.  It worked for me.

Sweater:  Savers  (Ugly Sweater Rack)
Jeans:  Henry & Belle
Boots:  Ugg
Purse:  Jonathan Adler
Belt:  Anthropologie
Earrings:  Natasha 
Bracelet:  Hotcakes Design

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