Sunday, January 25, 2015

Next Best Thing

   Well it's a new year and guess what, 2015 feels a lot like 2014!  Actually, it kinda feels a lot like 2013, and the year before that, and the year before that.  I guess my point is the, age ain't nothing but a number thing.  Wait, that's not it exactly.  Yet, it's a darn nice metaphor, don't you think?
   Lately, I've been hearing a lot of buzz about New Year's resolutions,  Mostly, a lot of jargon relating to squats, fasting, and something called a retention band?  Unless the retention band is something new designed to help me retain the many memories and ridiculous stories I share on this blog, I don't foresee this device in my future.  
   All of this resolution talk brings to mind a mantra my coworker taught me this winter declaring, "Maintain, No Gain!  While I'm aware she learned this little snippet from her local gym, I chose to modify it's meaning to fit my current interests.  I'm sorry to report these interests lie far from the setting of a gym and closer to that of the new pizza joint in town.  Now, if one could just have a pizza party at the gym...wait, Planet Fitness does that!  Well then, this girl may just have time to eat and run...right out the door that is.  No, my new year's dream will not be found at any gym and, "Maintain, No Gain!" simply reminds me a, "ho hum," attitude towards life will get me absolutely the same place I was in last year.  
   Speaking of the past, reminds me to mention the scarf I'm wearing in the above photographs.  Since I'm such a big fan of metaphors I feel this is an opportune time to insert yet another, and let me warn you it's probably going to be kind of a stretch.  The scarf I have on in this blog post is a product of the Missoni for Target collection of 2011.  This collection was an experimental collaboration between an elite luxury designer and a big box retailer aimed toward the, "average Jane."  The promotion was intended to last for six weeks, however it nearly sold out after an astounding one day!  Introduce, "average Jane," a.k.a myself who unbeknownst to me was one of the many who ate up the hype created by the commercials and fashion magazines.  All I can state is, lucky I worked late that morning and made a desperate run for the nearest Target before my shift.  Two scarves and a pair of shoes later, I went to work feeling only slightly poorer and a whole lot closer to one of the top notch names I adore in fashion.  
   Where am I going with this?  I guess what I'm trying to get across is over time my expectations have changed. Now, after a full year of obsessive reading and writing style blogs, I look at my Missoni for Target scarf and think, "Wow, I hate that (for Target) bit at the end!"  Through creating this blog, I have gained a new confidence and enthusiasm for myself.  I have big dreams for the future and am tired of simply settling for the next best thing.  Everyday, I strive to transform into the successful, charismatic, and above all stylish woman I want to be.  Someday, this woman will be wearing a, "real," Missoni scarf.  I'm just ecstatic there's no gym time necessary to do it.

Coat: (Gift from a friend) Mossimo Supply Co.
Sweater:  Banana Republic
Pants:  Ann Taylor Loft
Boots:  Ugg
Purse:  Ivanka Trump
Scarf:  Missoni for Target

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