Sunday, January 11, 2015


   A short while back my mom exclaimed to me that, "she was in a Kerfuffle!"  Leave it to Pat to use such language.  I cannot tell you how many great words that woman has taught me over the years. Actually I can, and if you choose to keep periodically checking this blog you will inevitably learn all of them.  I blame her for my coworker and I constantly throwing the term, "Mishegoss", into conversations.  Don't know what it means?  Look it up.  You would be shocked at how often it's meaning is appropriate during daily activities.  Anyway, when mom showed up at Starbucks the other day exasperated and mumbling about kerfuffles, I immediately knew what she meant without looking it up.  Clearly, this was a woman in turmoil! 
   The reason I decided to focus on this topic, specifically, is because of the frequency I'm being confronted with it. Basically, the issue is simple.  It's January in South Dakota and EVERYONE is in turmoil.  Between hearing about problems like the after holiday financial slump, the general morose of the public due to the absolute absence of the sun, and horrific tales of ghastly flu like conditions I am convinced that every individual is the victim of their own emotional kerfuffle.
   Kerfuffle is defined as a commotion or fuss.  Upon talking to any South Dakotan during the winter, it is more than likely this type of scenario will be mentioned.  Lately, I myself have desperately been trying to avoid this seasonal scourge.  What is my key to emotional peace in the depths of winter?  How do I avoid that menacing feeling of malaise that spreads like the common cold this time of year?  How else?  Handbags, of course!
   Who needs the Dalai Lama to find inner peace while exists?  Meditation, Smedititation!... Coach is having their semi-annual sale!  Not to mention, if you live in a town possessing a TJ Maxx store you have absolutely no reason to ruminate.  For God's sake there are discounted designer handbags within reach!  Let me tell you there ain't no better distraction from depression than Dooney!
   So as the winter months go by my collection of purses grows larger...
   and my check book gets smaller...
   and my concern about hoarding gets realer...
   Yep, no problems here folks.  Seasonal depression has got to be a myth.
   Jeesh, Gazoontite!  I should get that sneezing checked out.

Coat:  True Grit
Sweater:  Caslon 
Skirt:  Gap
Boots:  Ruff Hewn
Purse:  Thrifted
Scarf:  L Couture Boutique



  1. Another group a great photos and a clever and amusing narrative. Pat often confuses me with her colorful vocabulary of descriptive terms. Of course at my age I'm really in a continuous Kerfuffle and choose to believe that all her descriptive terms directed toward me are complimentary.

    1. go with that dad. what could she possibly criticize?

  2. hahahaha! Yes, sometimes a term is definitely the right one to use and definition or not, a person gets the meaning. So, the winter kerfuffle continues and hopefully I won't plotz before Spring begins.

  3. OOps! I forgot to add that the photos are wonderful as always and I have saved a few of them to share on Facebook.