Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Motorhead Meets Yellow Submarine

   The last time I wore these pants my brother gave me one of the best compliments I have ever gotten.  He said that my outfit looked like Motorhead met Yellow Submarine.  Leave it to z. to come up with something so cool.  I really can't forget what he said and have been hoping I can continue this type of heavy metal meets psychedelic style in future outfits.  Unfortunately, I keep coming back to these mustard pants, which I love but should probably not wear everyday.  
   Recently I attended a local rap show at a bar.  Since I quit drinking about four years ago I have not been in many bars.  In fact these days I have not found myself out after 10 PM much.  I mean come on, Starbucks and Barnes & Noble both close at that time.  As far as I'm concerned the city has then shut down!  However, on this rare occasion I found myself going to a bar, staying until after 10 PM, and considering hitting a burrito truck before the drive home...but that is a whole other story in itself.  Like I mentioned earlier, the whole town shuts down at 10 PM so one has to forage for food where they can.
   Before heading out for my night of post sunset shenanigans, I found myself staring into my closet and asking that age old question, "What am I going to wear?"  I usually enjoy this challenge since it allows me to get creative with my clothes.  This particular evening I actually felt some anxiety about it.  First, I was going to a bar and was not going to be drinking.  Second, I was going to be out after dark and my boyfriend and I had some serious, "Dallas," episodes to catch up on.  Lastly, I had no idea what the, "kids," where wearing these days to the local shows.  I didn't want to look like the old lady that was trying too hard.  I just kept thinking, what is cool?  Suddenly, my brother's voice came to me.  "Motorhead meets Yellow Submarine," he said and while it didn't exactly fit the bill for a rap show, it gave me the confidence to enjoy some nightlife again.  
   Interestingly enough, one of my friends asked a younger co-worker what the "cool kids," were wearing to rap concerts these days.  He responded, "a jersey and baggy shorts."   I ask you, what has our youth come to?

Vest:  GUESS (Originally a jacket that I cut the sleeves off of)
Pants:  Ann Taylor LOFT
Shoes:  Libby Edelman
Purse:  Nine West
Hat:  Thrifted

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