Sunday, October 12, 2014

Hello Stranger

   Well, I lied.  In previous posts I have mentioned that I do not like surprises.  For the most part this is true.  However, I should have clarified that I do not like to be the individual being surprised. Sometimes I do like to surprise others.  I have come to the realization that one way to shock people is to alter your appearance.  What easier way is there to do this than to change your hair?  
   Hence, a new hairstyle is born.  This is hardly a strange thing for me to do.  Over the years I have had about every hair color one can imagine, minus anything punk rock looking.  Although there was that unfortunate incident in high school where I thought black would be a good idea. Here again I am thanking God that I did not have a fashion blog back then.  Oh, the horror!
   It is amazing how people will react toward altering one's appearance.  The day after I changed my hair I went to work fully prepared for the mixed reviews I would certainly receive.  Like I stated, this was not my, "first rodeo."  What I was not prepared for was for one of my coworkers to look at me with a scared and almost sad expression and state, "it's like it's not you anymore.  I feel like you are a totally different person."  "Really?" I thought.  Apparently we now define people's personalities by their hairstyles.  
   Looking back I honestly don't know why I was surprised.  In the past, I have mentioned the fact that people often create their desired image to the public through their outward appearance.  Keeping this in mind, it makes sense that my changed hair may portray a different character to those around me.  Now I feel like I have to decide who my new personality will be. When I really consider it, I find it all very liberating.  Maybe that is why I have changed my hairstyle so many times over the years.  
   So much of my life is controlled.  Currently, I do not smoke, drink alcohol, drink caffeine, wear revealing clothing, or even chew gum for that matter! (it hurts my jaw that clicks) When I combine all of these things with the fact that a few years back my boyfriend and I got chickens to raise I am fairly sure I am almost Amish.  Don't get me wrong, it took me a long time to get to the stable place I have landed and I am proud of myself.  However, for my own amusement I sometimes need to shake things up a bit.  Even if it means I scare my coworker, or my boyfriend drives right by without recognizing me standing there, or the public has a different interpretation of who I may be.  You know, my dad originally wanted to name me Rachel.  That name does kind of have a nice ring to it

Dress:  Thrifted (Bila)
Sandals:  The FRYE Company
Purse:  Vintage
Necklace:  Baublebar
Bracelet:  Thrifted

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