Sunday, October 19, 2014

Open Mic Night (Tate & Isamar)

   Being a fashion blogger, I see it as my responsibility to represent a wide spectrum of tastes in this industry that I adore.  That being stated, I also want to get as many pictures of myself on the internet as humanly possible.  Okay not really, but sometimes it starts to feel that way and I find myself getting sick of a reflection I have become almost obscenely comfortable with.  It is at these times that I remember why I love fashion so much.  There is just something so intriguing about peaking into another individual's closet.  It has often been said that the eyes are the windows to a person's soul. However, I would challenge that by stating the wardrobe may be a close second.  I mean, one can learn a lot about another's psyche by paying attention to how they present themself to the public.  In my opinion, fashion is the most commonly used tool of self expression and it's variety is endless.
   In my quest to acknowledge this endless range of styles, I asked Tate & Isamar to model for my blog.  While their wardrobes are significantly different from mine, I admire their youthful yet streetwise appearance.  I found this couple to be very natural in front of the camera, which indicated to me the confidence they felt in their clothing.  In other words, this young couple seemed to have their individual styles already figured out.
   When asked how they would describe their personal style, Tate thoughtfully replied urban hippy. His girlfriend, Isamar, explained she is drawn to anything that looks cool and often this means patterns.  I then inquired which pieces in their wardrobes were in heavy rotation? Tate answered he often finds himself wearing 10 Deep brand clothing, bucket hats, and Jordans.  Isamar stated her favorites currently include crop tops and her Dr. Martens.  At this point, I wanted to know where their favorite places were to shop?  Tate answered and Zumiez, while Isamar mentioned PacSun.  I was thrilled when they both identified thrift stores as a favorite shopping destination as well.  When I asked them what was currently on their fashion wishlists Tate answered more Jordans and custom bucket hats.  Isamar is on the search for more Nikes to add to her collection and chokers. Next I asked my favorite question.  I inquired if their house was on fire what three pieces from their wardrobe would they choose to save?  Tate stated his 10 Deep bucket hat, Diamond Supply Co. pheasant hoodie and camouflage pants.  Isamar answered her tropical design TOMS shoes, a gold chain necklace, and her black Juicy Couture Blazer.  I then wondered who these two would define as their fashion icons?  Tate immediately named hip-hop artist 2 Chainz, while Isamar answered Kylie Jenner.  Lastly, I asked this pair if they could, in one word, define how they think others would describe their style.  Tate answered this with the word Steezy, while Isamar stated hipster.
   Not only was it a pleasure to explore the style sense of this edgy couple, but this 35 year old fashion blogger learned a new word!  Steezy, which apparently is a combination between style and ease.  Thank you Google.  Now I too can communicate with the hip twenty-somethings.

Tate's Style
Jacket:  Thrifted
T Shirt:  10 Deep
Pants:  PacSun
Shoes:  Jordans
Hat:  Thrifted
Eyeglasses:  Versace

Isamar's Style
Jacket:  Levi's
Shirt:  PacSun
Leggings:  Charlotte Russe
Boots:  Dr. Marten
Watch:  Thrifted

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