Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sweata Weatha

   So, I thought I was being all kinds of clever coming up with the title of this post.  That was until I started reading all of my other favorite style blogs and noticed that the post entitled, "Sweater Weather," must be a mandatory thing in the fall.  I will have you note that mine is called, "Sweata Weatha," so it is still fairly original.  See how I justified that.
   I think fashion bloggers take note of this type of weather since it is the first time we are able to put away our tired t shirts and finally switch over to, what I define as one of my favorite items of apparel, the sweater.  Whether it be a cardigan or pullover, wool or mohair, chic or ugly I love this cool weather favorite and have amassed quite a collection of them over the years.  In fact, it would be an interesting experiment to count my sweaters versus purses.  The numbers could be downright staggering.
   Keeping this in mind, I have become rather picky when it comes to purchasing sweaters.  Once one has accumulated so many, it is only natural to eventually demand a certain grade of quality and originality.  At this point, the majority of my sweaters are all purchased at either consignment or thrift stores.  I find these establishments often carry the special, one of a kind items, I am searching for at a price I can reasonably afford.  However, I will admit to the occasional sweater splurge from the Free People website.  Some items are just so beautiful one does not care if a hundred other fashionistas are wearing it.
   My favorite time to shop for sweaters is definitely Christmas.  I credit this to the genius individual who thought up the concept of the ugly sweater party.  My understanding of the ugly sweater party is it's a gathering where individuals are required to show up wearing what they consider the ugliest representations of this fashion favorite.  However, I have quickly learned that my definition of ugly differs greatly from what others may consider hideous.  It is at this time of year that thrift stores such as, Savers, devote a full aisle of clothing to what they think is the ugliest of the "ugly."  This is where I enter the situation.  More often than not I have found beautiful one of a kind vintage sweaters cast aside in the ugly sweater rack!  Now I ask you, does sequins, shoulder pads, or hand embroidery automatically curse an item to be banished to the ugly aisle?  Isn't it possible to work something bedazzled into the modern day wardrobe?  My answer to this question would be yes, and this winter I intend to prove it by photographing some of my, "ugliest," sweaters.  In doing this I hope to demonstrate how most vintage items deserve a second chance.
   In the meantime, I want to thank the employees at Savers for handpicking some of the most original pieces I have in my wardrobe.  While the sweater I am wearing in the above pictures is not one of these awesome pieces, it's rather mainstream look gives me an infinite appreciation for all things, "ugly."

Sweater:  Sleeping On Snow
Socks:  OZONE  
Slippers:  Purchased at Target
Purse:  Vintage
Sunglasses:  COACH


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