Wednesday, November 5, 2014


   The title for this post is my attempt to appear knowledgeable in math.  Wait, is math even the correct terminology for the above formula or would geometry be the word I'm searching for? Furthermore, is geometry considered math or is it it's own entity all together?  WHY GOD, WHY DID I NOT PAY ANY ATTENTION TO HIGH SCHOOL MATH COURSES?!  Oh yeah, I was busy writing lists of all the albums I wanted to buy.  Which I still have not purchased that Mudhoney album!  Yeah, you know the one.
   Anyway, while I was writing rock stars, like Eddie Vedder's name, in bubble letters on my notebook I assume other students were learning formulas such as P=4s.  Who knew that someday I would want to use it as a blog title? 
   According to the internet, P=4s is the formula for the perimeter of a square.  Now, am I going to attempt to solve this formula for a particular square?  My mother should be so proud!  Alas no, I decided to use this formula as a metaphor for the true subject of this blog post.  I figure this is what successful writers do.  Writers use metaphors.  
   Upon examining my previous blog post, I noticed I was wearing the same leggings and plain black t shirt in this entry.  I investigated the photos in my blog history further an instantly realized that I have a formula for constructing an outfit.  This formula goes leggings/jeans + t shirt + over shirt/blazer divided by throw in a vintage pair of boots (that leave the train station by 10AM) multiplied by a designer handbag (to the second power) = you got yourself a pretty nice looking ensemble.  That was my attempt at a story problem.
   My point is, almost all of my outfits start with a plain t shirt and pair of jeans or leggings.  It is a formula even a math moron can remember.  Upon this realization, I feel challenged to break away from this formula I have become so comfortable with.  I am compelled to change it up a bit.  Maybe I will get a little crazy and wear a button up shirt once in a while.  Just because I am a true creature of habit does not mean I cannot take on a new routine.
   You may be wondering out of all the math formulas, why did I choose the formula for finding the perimeter of a square for my title?  This writer thought it was the perfect metaphor for describing a rather boring fashion blogger's quest to push outside of her box.  Maybe, upon figuring out the elusive P=4s I will break outside of my, "square," fashion formula and put on a pair of hot pants!...or not.

Shirt:  Vintage (Handmade)
Skirt:  Ann Taylor LOFT
Boots:  Vintage
Purse:  Double J Originals


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