Sunday, November 23, 2014

Walking a Green Mile

   If you aren't familiar with the saying, "walking a green mile," I can assure you it's not just a nod to the Stephen King serial novel.  Even though, crediting him alone for this phrase would suit me just fine because, Stephen you rule!  No, "walking a green mile," is the long walk a prisoner on death row takes to execution.  Now, you are thinking, "I just checked out this blog to read about light, fluffy things like fashion.  Why is she talking about death and execution?"  Let me tell you why.
   Sometimes fashion accompanies one to places they are not sure they wish to go.  I experienced this recently when I was a groomsman in a good friend's wedding.  Yes, I wrote groomsman. A female groomsman, nontraditional?...maybe.  Over the top?...hardly.  By today's standards of parachuting, "Star Wars" themed, dancing down the aisle weddings I thought a female groomsman was pretty tame.  Besides, in a well tailored suit maybe the little bespectacled ladies in the front of the church wouldn't even notice.  Right?...wrong!
   Wrong, because I was wearing a bridesmaid dress.   Wrong even further, because I was not standing on the bride's side of the alter with the rest of the dress wearing crowd.  I was the lone ranger on the groom's side.  I felt like an island of purple chiffon in a sea of black.  Honestly, all of this wasn't so bad until I realized I was to be walking down the aisle by myself with no one to escort me.  No one to escort me!  How was I supposed to find the alter?  Were people going to titter, thinking I had lost my way and went to the men's side of the church?  What was I going to do with my hands, and most importantly how was I going to keep my balance alone with these shoes?!  My solo walk down the aisle felt to me like, "walking a green mile."
   It was the kind text of a friend the night before the event that soothed the insecurities I was going to feel the next day.  I was told to, "own that walk!"  I reminded myself to hold my head up high, keep my shoulders back, and above all make sure to smile.  Surprisingly, I remembered to do all of these things on my, "legendary," groomsman appearance and everyone in attendance was extremely nice and nonjudgmental.  Could it be that all the worries I had regarding that day only existed in my head? Was it possible, I was the only person who was judging a female groomsman?  Totally.  
   I came away from the experience with the idea that no matter how self conscious you may be about what you are wearing to a public event remember to, "own it."  Even if you're having a hard time keeping your shoes on.  Because even fashion models go barefoot sometimes.

Coat:  London Fog
Jacket:  Lux
Jeans:  GUESS
Shoes:  Libby Edelman
Bracelet:  Thrifted
Ring:  GUESS
Sunglasses:  Vintage

(Congratulations to Josh and Betsy on their recent nuptials.  Despite any insecurities I may have felt that day, I was truly honored to be in your wedding and had a lovely time.)


  1. I strongly believe everyone should "own" their personalities, including their fashion choices as well as their behaviors. Of course it is a struggle sometimes, but you seem to be very comfortable with your persona. You are also able to "own" a disguise when it is appropriate, which is very helpful at times.

    1. Yes, owning a disguise is very helpful. Now if I could get that fake smiling thing down I would be golden :)