Sunday, April 5, 2015

"Trust your Coply Intuition"

   I've mentioned several times in the past that I'm creature of habit.  Fortunately for me, my significant other also happens to be extremely predictable.  Due to our rather limited tolerance for change, we have been able to construct a fairly comfortable daily routine.  We know what restaurants we like to eat at, what time we go to bed, and most importantly what we are going to watch on the TV.  I'm not kidding about the significance of that last issue.  I'm convinced that disagreements about nightly programming can break a couple up.  Actually, I'm fairly certain that the Game Show Network alone can cause two people to head for, "Splitsville," but that's a whole separate conversation. 
   Due to this love of routine, Al and I have adopted certain Hollywood figures as our household favorites that can do no wrong.  One of these esteemed individuals is Tom Selleck.  Tom Selleck, you ask?!  Yes, Tom Selleck, I confidently reply.  While my boyfriend has become a fairly loyal fan to the current TV show, "Blue Bloods", I never pass up an opportunity to see the 1980's Selleck donning his short shorts on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii.  Wait, there's an idea for a blog post!  I can see it now, "The Haute Hall of Fame  (Magnum P.I.)."
   Since Tom Selleck seems to be one of only a handful of actors both this blogger and her boyfriend can agree on, we have decided to watch as much of his material as we can.  You can imagine how thrilled we were during a recent trip to Walmart where we stumbled across the entire collection of the made for TV series, "Jesse Stone," starring Tom Selleck!  For those of you not familiar with these films, the Jesse Stone movies are based off a series of detective novels by the author Robert B. Parker.  Tom Selleck plays the part of Jesse Stone, a small town police chief who constantly is at odds with his alcoholism and complex relationship with his ex-wife.  At this time there are eight Jessie Stone movies and Al and I were able to finish all of them in about two days time.  What does this mean?  It means Tom Selleck is awesome!  It certainly doesn't mean the two of us need to get lives.
   One of the perks to these little TV obsessions Al and I indulge in is the inside jokes we create.  We often find ourselves quoting many of the lines from our beloved characters.  The insightful, and may I add, always grammatically correct Jessie Stone is constantly telling his colleagues to, "Trust your Coply Intuition."  The day I wore the outfit above, I took a little bit of Mr. Stone's advice.  I had a get together to attend with a crowd that I didn't feel very confident with.  I was extremely unsure of what to wear to an outing that revolved around a sports event so I deduced, through my own detective's intuition, that Pink Floyd would be the way to go.  Who doesn't like Pink I right?...right? Turns out everybody likes Pink Floyd and apparently giant hippie sweaters as well because I've never gotten so many compliments on an article of clothing.  In conclusion, I would like to thank Jessie Stone for his words of wisdom.  Likewise, I would like to thank the 1980's Magnum P.I. for those short shorts.

Sweater:  Gift from my Mom  (Handmade)
T-Shirt:  Thrifted
Jeans:  Guess
Boots:  Ugg
Hat:  Free People


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