Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What Costume?

   Recently, I found myself hobnobbing with hipsters again at a local fashion show.  If I keep this up I may actually be considered as someone with a social life.  Anyway, this particular event revolved around a, "Fashion through the Decades," type theme.  It was recommended that attendees came dressed wearing a version of  their favorite decade.  "No problemo," I thought.  I'll just wear my regular clothes.
   People who know me well are aware that I am a nostalgia junkie.  Ever since I was old enough to make my own decisions I have swayed towards the objects and art of the past.  I love wearing vintage clothing, listening to vinyl classic rock albums, and watching old TV reruns.  I actually have a theory that I surround myself with these things in a desperate effort to time travel to a place that I've romanticized as perfect.  I guess I just feel safe in the past.  I feel like there are few surprises and everything is neatly compartmentalized into these stereotypes of how each decade was supposed to be.  The past is unlike the future.  When concerning the future, one cannot know what to expect. Those of us defined as control freaks often find this unsettling.  Whew, that got philosophical fast! Who knew fashion could dredge up so much thought?
   Returning to the topic at hand, for my representation of a favorite decade I went for a 1970's meets modern, "Boho," look.  Immediately upon hearing of the show, I knew I would be styling this type of outfit.  The reason for this is simple.  My closet is full of this type of clothing.  Now, I want to state I do not dress in head to toe vintage every day.  In fact, I make a conscious decision not to do so.  I'm of the opinion that half the challenge when regarding vintage clothing is making it relevant in today's world.  I feel it's imperative to mix vintage treasures in with modern apparel in order to create a style that can be admired and relatable to others.  Mostly, my main goal is to not look like I'm wearing a costume.
   Ironically, the outfit I wore in the photographs above, to represent the 1970's, only had two real vintage elements involved.  The coat and necklace I wore were authentic pieces from the glorious long ago.  The rest of this outfit was simply modern pieces blessed with a vintage vibe.  After I got dressed for the event I wondered, "Do I look '70's enough?"  I really felt like maybe I had under dressed since it was an outfit I would have worn for an afternoon outing to Starbucks.  Of course, my doubts were quickly squelched when a pretty legitimate looking hipster stopped me and remarked, "Love your costume."  
   "What costume?," I thought.

Coat:  Vintage
Shirt:  Ann Taylor
Vest:  Thrifted
Jeans:  Silver Jeans
Boots:  Ugg
Hat:  Something Special Hats
Necklace:  Vintage


  1. What costume! I've never seen you in a costume, except those Halloween treks we used to do.

    1. ...and even then I didn't have the best costume. you know who gets that title :)