Sunday, April 26, 2015

Wild to Docile, Docile to Wild

   Recently, it was brought to my attention that I may be in some sort of rut.  I state, "may," because generally, when I find myself in this type of situation I can be a bit depressing to be around. However, lately I feel alright.  In fact, I feel better than alright.  I would say I've been feeling pretty darn spiffy compared to how I was feeling around the time these pictures were taken.  Yes, that's snow on the ground and unfortunately I have somehow collected a few posts from winter that still need to be published.  So instead of posting pictures of me frolicking in floral prints by spring budding magnolias, I'm showing the last outfits of winter 2015 a.k.a ,"The season of the big rut." Bear with me here people I promise not to dredge this out too long.
   Anyway back to my earlier proclamation, the reason I suspect I'm stuck came after a comment my boyfriend made stating he didn't know why I wasn't going out anymore with friends.  To this statement I indignantly responded, "How dare he accuse me of such behavior!  I had been just as social as I ever was!"  I then made a lame attempt to cite all the latest social activities I had participated in during the past couple months and was rather horrified to realize they could fit easily on a few fingers.  What can I say?  A short while ago it was winter .  I had a valid reason for not wanting to make an effort to brave the elements for a few measly hours of social interaction.  
   Of course now it's spring, and a fairly nice one at that.  I no longer have the excuses of icy roads and bone chilling temperatures.  The sun is shining, the days are longer, and town is bustling with all kinds of pre-summer activities.  In other words, things are happening.  So why have I not been going out?
   It certainly isn't due to lack of something to wear.  The whole situation reminds me of my brother back in grade school.  As a child, Zeb, was never a huge fan of reading novels.  In school it was common for the English instructors to have us kids read the books of our choice followed by mandatory book reports.  Somehow, my brother was able to spend his entire K-12 career writing about the novels, "Call of the Wild," and, "White Fang."  Unbeknownst to his instructors my brother never read more than those two books.  He simply recycled his previous book reports by updating them to the appropriate writing level. For someone who didn't like to read, the kid was a genius!  
   I am reminded of this scenario now because I believe my anti-social behavior is somewhat similar.  I have become very comfortable with the, "story," of my everyday activities.  I know what I do, where I go, and who I'm with on my days off.  The plot line goes like this:  read, Starbucks, by myself, repeat...  I like this, "story," of my life and rather than starting a new chapter with something I may not be familiar with, I take the lazy way out and continue to live the life of a decaf swilling, impeccably dressed wallflower.
   The other reason my brother's, "wild to docile, docile to wild," loop has been on my mind is due to the amount of coyotes I had in my yard this winter.  Yes, literally coyotes in my YARD! Granted, I do live a few miles out of town.  I'm used to a number of random encounters with all kinds of vermin and other wildlife.  However, this season was rather special.  This winter we had one, "different," coyote that was seen several times walking up and down our driveway in broad day light.  I guess he was just hanging out.  Maybe like me, he had gotten lost from his friends and decided to develop a routine of his own.  Keeping all of this in mind, the day I wore the outfit pictured above, I was inspired by that lonely leper of the pack.  I was also inspired by my brother's multiple book reports honoring, not only wildlife, but slackers everywhere.  Yep, the day I photographed these pictures I put on my leopard print headscarf and Wildfox sweatshirt and set out for a day on the town! Of course, when I say, "day out on the town,"  I mean I went to read, at Starbucks, by myself.  Don't worry though, spring is now here so my routine will alter greatly.  Now my days off will consist of: read, Starbucks, by myself on the PATIO.  Who say's you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

Jacket:  Gap
Sweatshirt:  Wildfox
Pants:  Ann Taylor LOFT
Boots:  Ugg
Purse:  Kate Spade
Headscarf:  banditaz bandanaz  (Self Made)
Ring:  Purchased at a craft fair

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