Sunday, March 29, 2015


   I will admit I can be a fairly hard person to shop for.  I hate the implications of that statement but this girl knows when it's time to fess up.  So here it is, I'm finally ready to face the fact that I can be a real snob when it comes to choosing my clothing and accessories.  Whew...well, that was like a weight being lifted.  
   I want to make it clear that I've never wanted to be the kind of person who returns gifts.  In fact, I simply refuse to do it.  I find it literally impossible to admit to someone that I do not like an item they may have chosen for me.  I guess I feel like by acknowledging this difference in opinion I'm rejecting them, or at the very least their version of who I should be.  Who am I to reject that?!  I admit there have been times I was given something I did not initially like and then realized over time that I should.  It's like the first time you listen to a new album by one of your favorite bands.  At first you're super excited to check it out.  Then upon listening to the beginning tracks you start to realize this couldn't possibly be the same band that recorded the previous album you so dearly loved.  By the end of the album you find yourself full of feelings of, "Meh," followed by the urge to immediately switch the tunes to some Top 40 garbage that you can mindlessly sing along to.  Sometimes you just want a no-brainer.  Actually most times a person just wants to go with what's familiar to them because it's an old shoe...they picked out and bought for themselves.  My point here before I got grossly side tracked was many times upon buying a new album it takes me a few listens before I warm up to it.  Fashion can be very similar.  Sometimes, it just takes a couple spins around town before one realizes, "Yeah, I can pull this off."
   Now don't get me wrong, when I say I can be a snob I'm not stating that I will only accept gifts of apparel that are high end labels.  "Oh contraire mon fraire."  Being the self proclaimed champion thrifter I consider myself, I actually prefer to indulge in one of a kind vintage treasures.  At times, this can prove less expensive than the modern day designer brands.  However, it has become very apparent that the definition of a vintage treasure can greatly vary depending on the person defining it.  In other words, when looking for this type of unique gift there is a lot of room for error.  
   So once again I am forced to acknowledge my snobbish behavior.  I'm reminded to be thankful for any gift that may be given to me.  Especially, if the individual put enough thought and attention into it to recognize I do like the unique stuff.  I was confronted with a potential situation like this the other day when I came home to find the coat I'm wearing in the pictures above.  I walked in the door and my boyfriend handed it to me stating, "This used to be my sister's coat.  She thought you would like it."  I accepted the item thinking, "Great, what am I going to do with this now," until I actually looked down at it and responded, "Wait, that's a really cool coat!"  The best part was I meant it!  I love this little 80's number and was thrilled to add it to my collection.  Especially, since I know the previous owner so well.  I've always loved the idea of giving vintage clothes a new life.  I consider this gift from her a loan until someday, the much older and less trendy me, can pass it on to some other picky, "bizzo," who will adore it's perfect vintage flair.  Surprisingly enough, my boyfriend responded, "they knew I would love the coat." Perhaps I'm not that hard to shop for after all.  Maybe all it takes to make me happy is a trip into someone else's closet.

Coat:  Gift from my, "Sister-In-Law."  (Vintage)
Sweater:  Tulle
Jeans:  Kasil Workshop
Boots:  Palladium
Purse:  Monserat De Lucca
Mittens:  Purchased at a craft fair.  (Repurposed from an old bedspread)
Sunglasses:  Vintage  (Gucci)


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