Sunday, March 8, 2015

Open Mic Night (Zebulon)

   Well, it's that time again.  It's time for this narcissistic blogger to take a step back from the limelight and feature another individual's personal style.  I must state that this time I'm really excited to give up the glory because I finally have the opportunity to, "toot the horn," for one of my favorite fashionable friends.  Actually, he's not just one of my favorite friends he's one of my favorite people...on the planet...Earth. (and yes, that does count his home of Fargo, ND.)  Now I know millions of people are dying to know who this fashion icon must be and all I can respond brother, of course!
   I like to think of Zebulon and I as best friends.  He is probably reading this and thinking, "uh, depending on what she writes next we may still be in touch."  I have to say though, after numerous conversations with other people, I have come to realize that not all siblings get along as well as Zeb and I.  OK yes, there was those years we tried to share an apartment after college where it became apparent that I may have a slight problem with mothering him but hey, it was also clear he hated doing the ever.  I say, "Tit for Tat," right?
   Despite, our failed attempt at being roomies, my brother and I have always maintained an excellent friendship.  Our shared love of ridiculous banter regarding pop culture is one of my favorite pastimes. Lucky for me, fashion is one of the topics Zeb has the tolerance to discuss.  He allows me to, "yack," on about labels and thrifting endlessly, and can the man hold your purse while you're in a dressing room?...FORGETABOUTIT!  What a brother!
   However, I must admit Zeb is not totally selfless.  My brother, like his blogging sister, has always shown an affinity for the creative side of life.  My hypothesis is that with this artistic gene, comes the desire for an equally interesting appearance.  So justifies the addiction we both seem to have for original vintage pieces and Ray-Bans.  And yes, I have always been a science wiz!  
   Anyway lately, I have found myself admiring Zeb's growing interest in personal style.  I thought other's may enjoy an explanation of fashion from not only someone else's perspective but their exact words.  So here it is, and not too shabby if you ask me.  Especially, for a kid who used to wear a Rat Fink t-shirt.  Hey, can I still get one of those?

Q.  How would you describe your personal style?
A.  Most people would probably describe my style as a, "Bro," style right now.  On a daily basis I usually wear jeans and a t-shirt/sweater.  However, I've been wanting to change that.  Recently, I've become interested in Rockabilly, and/or the mod look and I'd like to explore that more.

Q.  Which pieces in your wardrobe are in heavy rotation?
A.  Hoodies.  I do like a hoodie.  I have an Arcteryx one in particular that I wear quite often.

Q.  Where are some of your favorite places to shop?  (stores or online)
A.  I like Banana Republic.  It isn't the highest fashion store and they don't have the most quality things, but I think you can find some nice stuff at a fair price.  I've also been frequenting Macy's and Express Men more as well.  Occasionally, I will find myself in a thrift store too.

Q.  What is currently on your style wishlist?
A.  The wishlist has become long.  As of now I'd really like to buy some suits.  I've been researching companies, colors, styles, and even fabrics as to what makes a quality suit.  I've also become interested in watches.  In my opinion, there isn't many accessories a guy can wear, but a nice wristwatch works well.

Q.  If your house was on fire what three pieces from your wardrobe would you save?
A.  Most of what I'd save would actually have sentimental value.  I'd save my White Zombie t-shirt that I've had since I was in high school, and old cowboy shirt that I wore all the time throughout my 20s, and probably the sweater I'm wearing since it's one of a kind vintage.

Q.  Who are your style icons?  (real or fictional...famous or not)
A.  Well James Dean is one of them.  When I think of 50's Rockabilly style, he is the first to come to mind.  I don't know if I really have anymore, "icons," that I look towards though.  Generally, I look more towards eras.  I like when, "grease monkeys," slicked their hair, and rolled the pack of cigarettes up in the sleeve of their white t-shirts, or when kids from the projects saw the rich wearing clean fine pressed suits and thought,"I could do better".  It isn't about mimicking a person to me, but rather a time.

Q.  Define in one word how you believe others would define your style?
A.  Right now, eclectic.  But I'm working more towards throwback.

Coat:  Calvin Klein
Scarf:  Banana Republic
Jeans:  Banana Republic
Shoes:  Merrell
Sunglasses:  Ray-Ban (Clubmaster)
Watch:  Vestal Zr3 
Shirt:  bar III
Vintage Sweater:  Original 1953 Minnesota State Letterman's cardigan (Thanks, Jerry!)


  1. Hey to Rayna and Zeb. I liked this blog post very much. Both of you are into style and both of you know how to achieve your own style. You both work it. In addition, both of you are educated and thoughtful people who reveal yourselves in conversation, writing and appearance. Your the real thing!

    1. Thank you Dad. That is a very nice thing to say. :)