Sunday, March 15, 2015

"All my Bags are Packed. I'm Ready to go" Fargo, again.

   Shortly after the holidays I had the opportunity to leave town and take a mini vacation.  Now where would a person go to escape the post holiday winter blues?  Uh...Fargo, of course!  So I found myself northern bound.  A girl on a quest to leave behind her dull day to day routines and seek out new adventures on the tundra.  Yep, a woman on the road pushed north by the wind searching for the independence only travel can provide.  Of course, I did this from the crowded backseat of my parents SUV until they finally allowed me to drive.  Being the, "child," I have to wait my turn to get behind the wheel but hey, I was still a bohemian wanderer!  I just had to ask the driver to pull over when I needed a rest stop.
   All kidding aside, I have to admit I don't get to travel often.  I have a significant other who is the ultimate workaholic and doesn't often have the time to go further than his office or workshop.  I also have to confess I'm a bit stingy when it comes to paying for life's essentials like food, lodging, and transportation.  Undoubtedly, when it comes down to a decision between a fantastic salmon dinner with Thai noodles or an 80's vintage sweater with leather and sequin details I will pick the sweater every time.  Which is ironic since the salmon dinner I described was an actual meal I had on a trip many years ago.  To this day I still claim it to be the best food I have ever ingested in my life. Equally ironic, I do have that 80's vintage sweater and must admit I have not worn it yet, due to my lack of inspiration to style it.  Thank goodness that particular trip I did not have to give up the best meal of my life for a potentially, only great on the rack, sweater.
   My point is sometimes it's worth spending your money on memories rather than mere stuff. Luckily for this cheapskate traveler my parents often let me tag along on their adventures. Nothing says cool like a 35 year old woman traveling with her Fargo... North Dakota.  I will interject that I still stand by the idea that Fargo is an extremely interesting community that has a a lot to contribute in the way of art, shopping, and pure quirkiness.  Plus, my brother lives there so the whole trip always becomes a family reunion.
   Since I'm such a creature of habit who often travels to the same locations, I have become extremely familiar with my favorite, "haunts," in several different towns.  This allows me to experience some of the local perks without being bored by actually being, "local."  It also makes me super efficient at knowing where my money will be spent in between super cheap meals on the road.  I got to say there is nothing better than importing a haul of new treasures for the closet from somewhere other than home.  Despite the fact that every thrift store carries one of a kind items, it just feels more exotic to raid another town's vintage vault.  I mean a coat is always a staple piece, but a vintage coat from Fargo just seems more legitimate. Logically, what other town would have a better variety of coats? 
   Interestingly enough, the trip I photographed above was spent mostly in coffee houses, movie theaters, and my brother's apartment.  At the time it was just too cold to go shopping!  Besides, I may be cheap with food but coffee is a different story.  I said I was cheap, not uncivilized!

Outfits on the trip

Style #1
Coat:  Vintage  (Betty Rose)
Blazer:  Vintage (Pendleton)
Shirt:  7 For All Mankind
Jeans:  Miss Me
Boots:  Sorel
Scarf:  Vintage
Gloves:  The Limited
Pin:  Vintage (My own from childhood)
Sunglasses:  Gift from Al  (Versace)

Style #2
Jacket:  Mossimo
Skirt:  Vintage (Pendleton)
Boots:  Sorel
Gloves:  The Limited 
Sunglasses:  Gift from Al  (Versace)


  1. For me, spending time mostly in coffee houses, movie theaters, and your brother's apartment instead of shopping is a perfect trip to Fargo.

  2. For me, spending time mostly in coffee houses, movie theaters, and your brother's apartment instead of shopping is a perfect trip to Fargo.