Sunday, March 22, 2015

Pining for Pere Lachaise

   Not that long ago a close friend of mine had the opportunity to take a trip to Paris, France! Upon hearing her exciting news, I reminded myself to be a gracious listener and glaze over my extreme feelings of jealousy with the most simulated smile I could muster.  Let me tell you I've always claimed my favorite color is red, but that evening one could have sworn it untrue because this girl was positively GREEN with envy! 
   Now please understand that I care about this friend very much.  I've had many wonderful outings and conversations with her.  I can truthfully say that I was excited by the fact that she was going to the fashion, "Mecca," but why, OH WHY, couldn't it be with me?!  I've pledged my allegiance to appearance.  I jumped on the almighty fashion blog bandwagon.  I say charge me the annual dues and teach me the handshake because I'm ready to get into this Europe...which is so far away from my usual hangout of Fargo.
   Being a former art major in college I do realize there is more to Paris than just fashion.  The opportunity to see the historic landmarks and museums alone would be...blah, blah, blah we all know what the cultured me is supposed to say about that.  What I'm not supposed to admit is how excited the superficial me would be to check out EVERY vintage boutique in town followed by a mandatory trip to the flagship Louis Vuitton store.  (Side note:  Thank you K. for taking a picture of LV for me. Friends don't let friends miss out on such beautiful sights.)  Conclude these outings with some major street style watching while sitting at an outdoor cafe, sipping on what I assume would be one heck of a latte and I could define this as the perfect experience.  
   While daydreaming about my perfect day in Paris I tried to envision just what I would wear on such an excursion.  What could I possibly put together that would be runway worthy enough for the streets of chic?  The outfit I styled in the pictures above was my answer.  OK, so the beret may be a little bit clique, but I did resist the overwhelming urge to wear a giant sparkly Eiffel Tower t-shirt.  Like I said before I'm desperate to be in the club!  Overall, I was quite pleased with the look I came up with.  I felt like it would be appropriate for my mandatory meeting with the Mona Lisa and Louis Vuitton. Above all else, I felt like it would be worthy of my visit to Jim Morrison's grave site at the Pere Lachaise cemetery.  Sorry Louis, you'll have to wait.  Even the extremely superficial can put certain art ahead of fashion.

Blazer:  Vintage
Jeans:  Guess
Boots:  Ugg
Purse:  The Limited
Hat:  Wooden Ships
Scarf:  Vintage (Yves Saint Laurent)
Gloves:  Vintage


  1. I would skip the shopping and enjoy the ambiance, including landmarks, art, food and interesting people. Of course, paying my respects to singer/songwriter/poet, Jim Morrison, would be mandatory.