Sunday, September 28, 2014

"At the Copa...Copacabana"

   Recently I experienced what is referred to as a milestone event.  Yes people, I turned 35 and while this may seem like nothing to those beyond this age, to me it kinda sucked.  There is just something about the number 35 that makes me uncomfortable.  Wait, maybe something is not the right word, let me rephrase that.  There are just many things about the number 35 that makes me uncomfortable.  Hmm...where do I start?
   When you are a woman and 35 people have certain expectations of who you should be.  The biggest label you receive is, "Mother."  Since I am a woman in her 30s and do not have children, this can get rather annoying.  I cannot recall how many times a week I am asked by strangers if I have children.  An example that stands out in my mind was an occasion where I was at the checkout of the grocery store.  Now, my boyfriend and I both work...alot.  This means I tend to buy food that is easy to carry in a sack lunch.  All the old favorites are there.  We have the individual fruit cups, mini chip bags, and of course, what would lunch be without an appearance from little debbie?  The woman who was cashiering took one look at the items in my cart and said, "So the kids are at school this afternoon?"  Now I will admit I just didn't have it in me that day to again explain to someone I don't have kids and yes, I'm well into my 30s.  So I answered her with a simple, "Yep, the kids are at school today."  Little did I realize this woman was going to continue the conversation with anecdotes regarding her own children.  I just kept smiling and agreeing that, "Yes, those kids can be crazy," and, "Oh, but they are worth it."  Then she laid down the whammy.  She asked me, "What time are your kids done with school?"  Honestly, at this point I was tired of the conversation.  I could have lied again, but why?  Why was this stranger so interested in my pretend children's lives?!  I answered, "I don't have any children."  She looked at me very confused and a little upset like I had broken some bond we had formed.  I continued, "You must have misunderstood me."  I then took my receipt and walked my unmarried and childless self out the door.
   In conclusion, I am now 35.  As of now, I am not married and have no children.  At times I feel old and anxious that I have possibly, "missed the bus that everyone else got on."  Then again, I love the idea of a, "Golden Girls," future spent sitting around the table with my girlfriends, wearing tacky windbreaker suits, eating cheesecake, and gabbing about guys.  In this fantasy there are no husbands and no children but maybe, a chihuahua or two.

Jeans:  Silver Jeans
Sandals:  The FRYE Company
Purse:  J.CREW
Earrings:  Vintage
Bracelet:  Thrifted
Sunglasses:  Dolce & Gabbana
Chihuahua:  Zuzu (The true style diva)

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