Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I'm at $50 n I wan $55, $55, bid on $55...

   I am sure if you read the title of this post you are wondering if I got caught in some kind of loop with the numbers on my keyboard.  While I am more than a little OCD about things I assure you the title for this post was only intended to be the best impersonation of an auctioneer I could come up with.  Now why, you ask, is she impersonating auctioneers?  How can this possibly be valid regarding a personal style blog?  Oh, you'd be surprised.
   A short while back I was wearing the outfit, presented in the above pictures, to a lunch date with my parents.  While sitting at the table of one of our favorite local cafes my mom noticed my handbag.  She exclaimed enthusiastically on how much she liked it and proceeded to ask me if I would like to part with it.  Now, one may think that she was kidding with this question but that person does not know my mother.  She is a lady who knows what she wants.  On this particular day, what she wanted was my handbag!  The discussion escalated to a full out auction where my mom was suddenly offering me $55.00 for a purse that I got second hand for about $7.00!  The thing is I still did not want to part with it.
   Now I want to set the record straight and state that my mom is one of the funniest, creative, and compassionate people I know.  I would never even consider selling her something of mine.  If I had been ready to part with this handbag I would have just given it to her.  However, when I found this little beauty I almost did a jump for joy since I had been admiring it on the shoulder of a co-worker who had purchased it from J. Jill a few seasons back.  Could it be that I now have the exact purse my co-worker had been carrying around?  Is this particular accessory cursed to cause envy in any woman that sees it?  While a stupid handbag would never create a rift in my mom and I's relationship, I left the cafe feeling guilty and more than a little selfish.  I now have the urge to hide this little treasure in order to keep it in my possession.  I had envied it on someone else's arm.  Now I had it on mine.  It was special.  It was, "my precious?"  Whoa...sorry creepy, "Lord of the Rings," moment.
   Anyway, for the time being this handbag remains in my closet...full of other handbags...because I have more than I possibly could ever need.  Going back to, "Lord of the Rings," maybe Frodo could've gotten the ring of power much faster through a trade.  I mean come on, Gollum never saw this handbag.

Shirt:  Mossimo Supply Co.
Jeans:  Kasil Workshop
Sandals:  The FRYE Company
Purse:  J. Jill
Headscarf:  banditiaz bandanaz headscarves (Mom and I's own local business)
Earrings:  Mama's Little Babies
Bracelet:  Thrifted
Belt:  Vintage


  1. Thanks you for the kind words sweetie and if I made you feel guilty about the purse, well, that's just icing on the cake!! I mean mothers are suppose to make their kids feel guilty. You can still make it up to me by placing that gorgeous bag under the Christmas tree with my name on it. No fancy wrapping needed.
    Love, Mummy

    1. lol! ugh... i am gonna have to bury the thing just to be able to keep it :)