Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Dressed to Depress

   Sometimes life is just crap.  Not to sound too negative here but I think we can all admit to experiencing rocky patches in the road.  While I try to remain optimistic, sometimes I just give in to the blues.  On these occasions, I find it hard to continue the constant display of, "everything is just peachy," to the public.  It's at this point that I adapt the, "I don't care," attitude.   I will admit during these times of trouble this attitude has often been a relief to me.
   Recently, I experienced one of these rather tumultuous stretches.  Despite my adoption of the, "I don't care," mentality I did somehow keep an interest in this blog.  I decided to get off the couch and take pictures because nothing looks more attractive than stress and apathy, right?  The above pictures are a product of this photo session.  
   Upon inspection of these photos all I could think of was, "God, I have transformed into Brad Pitt's character in True Romance."  This was actually a positive realization because it made me laugh at a time I thought laughter was impossible.  Honestly, all I was missing was a remote control and bag of chips and I think the two of us would have been indistinguishable.  A side note, if you have not seen the movie, "True Romance," climb out from that rock you have been hiding under and rent this fantastic film.  Of course, if you have a strong aversion to excessive violence, drug use, and additional questionable morality you may want to skip it.  However, what's entertainment without these elements?
   While studying the images above, I was able to define my, "go to," comfort clothes.  I identified that when I am, "down," I dress for it.  This made sense since I recognize when I am feeling good I also dress accordingly.  I was not surprised to see that my depressy dressing consisted of a t shirt, over sized wrinkled pants, and a head scarf.  Yep, these are clothes you can couch surf with.  Of course, as usual I could not totally embrace the, "I don't care," mentality.  I still tried to fake, "being peachy," with a pair of blingy flip flops.  However, I am sure the astute eye could certainly have spotted some potato chip crumbs stuck to the bottoms of them.  

T Shirt:  ebay purchase
Pants:  J. Crew
Flip Flops:  Justin
Purse:  Monserat De Lucca
Head Scarf:  banditaz bandanaz (self made)
Nail Polish:  MARC JACOBS (#108 Secret Love)

(This post is dedicated to my puppy Bradshaw.  Otherwise known as B Man, B, Wubbies, Wubinator, The Poodle, Poodle McPoodleson the Mayor of Poodle Town, Baby Crockett, Piglet, Shermekins, Sherm Sherm, and Beezus.  We loved you, and always will.)

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