Sunday, September 7, 2014

Open Mic Night (K.)

   I believe there comes a time in every fashion blogger's life when they get a little sick of looking at themselves.  Now don't get me wrong, in order to have a personal style blog one must be at least a little interested in their reflection.  In fact, some may state one would have to be a lot interested in looking at themselves to maintain this type of hobby.  I would not argue with that statement.  I will humbly admit to liking pictures of myself.  Honestly, it may be one of the main reasons I started this blog.  However, I want to clarify I enjoy seeing these pictures because it gives me an opportunity to reflect on my image on a fairly regular basis...and it occurs to me now that this topic could get rather philosophical, not to mention lengthy and the point of this post was to finally feature someone else's personal style.  So, enough with the narcissistic analyzing and lets get on with it.
   I recently constructed the idea of a series of posts entitled, "Open Mic Night,"  thinking that it would allow me to periodically spotlight other individuals.  I intend on choosing these individuals do to my admiration of their character and sense of style.   It only seemed right to introduce this new series by featuring a great friend and true sister of style.  Let's call her K.
   When I asked K. how she would describe her personal style, she answered that it is a mix of elegant, chic, and country.  She elaborated by stating that she would describe her look as put-together, but unique without getting too crazy.  She admitted that when it comes to fashion, stepping out of the box can sometimes be a challenge, but one she is often willing to take.   
   I then asked K. which pieces in her wardrobe were in heavy rotation?  She answered, jeans are a constant staple often paired with a dressy shirt and cardigan or jacket.  K. also mentioned that she is an, "Accessory Queen."  This is a statement that I am willing to vouch for her on. 
   At this point I wanted to know, where are some of K's favorite places to shop?  Like myself, she has often mentioned going through shopping patterns.  At the moment her favorite finds reside at the Banana Republic.  She also mentioned her loyalty to locally owned boutiques such as, The Clothier by Dawn and Geyermans.  I then asked, while prowling her favorite haunts, what items were currently on her wishlist?  She answered, she has been looking for a traditional black pencil skirt and red peep toe pumps.  
   Lastly I asked K. if, (God forbid,) her house was on fire and she could save only three pieces from her wardrobe what would they be?  She answered with certainty her Donald J Pliner boots (which, I heartily agree must be spared from the fire!), her genuine leather coat she acquired during a trip to Italy, and her wedding ring. 
  In closing, I asked K. to define in one word what she believed others would describe her style as.  She answered immediately, put-together.  Hey it counts, it's hyphenated!
  While I will state K. and I's wardrobes are vastly different, I want to clarify that we share a common respect for one another's individual style and enthusiasm for the fashion industry.  I have always greatly enjoyed the bonding experiences our many shopping trips together have provided. In fact, I would be willing to state that fashion found us friendship.

Jacket:  GAP
Dress:  Banana Republic
Heels:  Naturalizer
Purse:  Etsy
Earrings:  Chelsea's Boutique
Bracelet:  The Limited
Sunglasses:  Maui Jim

Noted Local Boutiques:  

K's fashion influences:  
KENDI everyday:  



  1. Love this! "K", that yellow dress is STUNNING!!! :)
    {love these ladies!!}

    1. it is a great dress, isn't it?...and I know someone else that has a few stunning dresses. it sure would be fun to have her as a guest on the blog...hint, hint, wink, wink :)