Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Haute Hall of Fame (Mallory Keaton)

   Introducing the second inductee to, "The Haute Hall of Fame," Mallory Keaton from the beloved '80s television sitcom, "Family Ties."  To begin, I want to explain that the style icons chosen for, "The Haute Hall of Fame," posts are in no particular order.  If they were, I would most certainly have a few of my favorite ladies named before Miss Mallory Keaton.  This being stated, I have been watching a lot of, "Family Ties," since I discovered it was available on the Netflix Watch it Instantly feature.  Watching this show again has brought back a lot of great memories from my childhood.  I remember thinking back then that Mallory Keaton had, "rad," style and even today I find myself reaffirming, "yeah, that girl was, "fierce."
   While her character was portrayed as the dimwitted, shallow, and boy crazy stereotype that most "Fashionistas" are labeled with, Mallory Keaton deserves credit for what she was good at.  It is obvious for most fashion conscious individuals to see that her major talent was how she dressed.  One may laugh at this and disregard another's ability to style a fantastic outfit as petty and not worth regarding.  However, living in a society so obsessed with appearance, I believe that possessing the natural talents of styling and creating a persona through fashion is a skill worth acknowledging.  Keeping this in mind, I think this goes double when great style is timeless, as Mallory's look has remained admirable to this day.  
   So with Mallory on my mind I was inspired to go with a menswear themed outfit the day these photos were taken.  Like Mallory's character, I am a fan of ladies in masculine accessories such as, ties, suspenders, and over sized blazers.  I also wanted to give a nod to the fantastic '80s with a pair of ripped jeans.  I am pleased with the juxtaposition of my cruddy pants and formal hat and tie.  I could have never come up with this combination without the pioneer Mallory Keaton to inspire me.  Shallow or not, that girl had style and I want it too.  
"Sha la la la...."

Shirt:  GAP
Jeans:  Silver Jeans
Shoes:  Naturalizer
Tie:  Vintage (Valentino)
Ring:  Craft fair purchase
Setting of Last Photo:  ELOFSON  Check it out, it is one of my favorite local stores!

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