Sunday, June 1, 2014


   When it comes to fashion, I am a huge fan of the quaint, "handmade," look.  I used to pay corporate companies like, Free People, lots of, "moola," for pieces that reproduced this type of style.  Regardless of my endless affection towards this company and their products, one day it struck me, "why don't I pay individuals for the real deal?"  Wouldn't it be nice to attach a face and story to the garment I so admire?  I believe handmade items possess a certain character.  I like to think this character may embody some of the spirit of the artist who created it.  In each handmade piece, one can see the care and thoughtfulness of the individual who desinged it.  As an artist myself, I understand it is a privilege to possess another person's handmade item.  Therefore, such an item should always be worn with respect.
   This all being stated, the day I decided authentic handmade apparel was a great idea was the day I discovered Etsy on the internet.  I know I have mentioned this website in previous posts, but I cannot, "beat this dead horse," enough!  The day I discovered Etsy was the day this small town girl was able to expand her love of fashion to include the delightfully endless, and often quirky, world of global artisans.  For someone who thrives on the hunt of individual wardrobe pieces, Etsy rules supreme.  I have been struck literally speechless by some of the items I have purchased through this website.  In addition, I adore the personal touches each artist includes.  Usually this comes in the form of a handwritten note or piece of incense tucked into the package.  When one buys from Etsy, the transaction often has a personal touch that makes the product feel like a gift.
   Now I will admit, like any website, there are some disappointments.  Not every purchase can be flawless and it is always wise to read the customer reviews before purchasing from a seller.  Keeping this in mind, I have almost always had wonderful experiences with the sellers on Etsy and will continue to frequent their shops in the never ending quest for the most original wardrobe pieces on the planet.

Jacket:  Luna Chix
Jeans:  Silver Jeans
Boots:  ESPRIT
Purse:  Vintage  
Earrings:  Vance Kitira
Website:  Etsy