Sunday, June 15, 2014

Pride and Prudishness

   To say, "-r. does not do short," is a major understatement.  In fact, -r. has not exposed her knees to the public since about 1995.  This is a fact that at times catches her major grief, especially while working in a greenhouse, where often times she is nearly passing out from heat exhaustion but refuses to cuff the bottom of her jeans more than three times.  Yes, you could say -r. is a little bit shy about showing skin.
   Okay, that's enough of the creepy referring to myself in the third person routine.  However, what I stated above is totally true.  When choosing an outfit, I do not like to expose a lot of my body.  Over the years I have begun to realize how limiting this can be for an individual who loves fashion.  Due to my personal preference for prudish dressing, I have completely eliminated many of the staple pieces for the modern day, "Fashionista."  This particular blog will contain no summer pictures of me bare legged in a short sundress.  There will be no images of me frolicking in a field wearing a daisy chain and spaghetti strap tank top. Lastly, there is absolutely no possible way anything involving a poolside or swimsuit will ever be recorded on this blog for the public to witness. Some things are just not right.  
   I do want to make it clear, I am not criticizing anyone who is comfortable wearing these things.  In actuality, I envy these people.  There have been many times I have come across adorable items like a super seventies tube top and thought, "Wow, if only I had the guts..."  While fashion is about having some guts, it's also about having the gumption to create a look that is well suited to one's personality.  As free spirited as I would like to be, I must admit I am way too controlled of an individual to be prancing around in bustier tops and bikinis.  Hence, the title for this post is, "Pride and Prudishness."  I have finally accepted the fact that I am conservative when it comes to some aspects of appearance.  I am proud that I sometimes wear leggings under shorts.  I will readily admit I wear temporary tattoos when I want to feel, "tough."  Finally, if you ever see me poolside I will most likely be wearing a wet suit.  However, you can be damned sure it may be designed by Chanel.

Shirt:  7 for all mankind
Shorts:  Thrifted
Boots:  Hunter Boot Ltd
Necklace:  Vintage
Sunglasses:  COLE HAAN
Nail Polish:  Sally Hansen Insta-Dri (280 Rapid Red)

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