Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Haute Hang-Up (Jessica McClintock Gunne Sax Collection)

   As mentioned in previous posts, I fully admit I am a true creature of habit.  When I find something I like I am absolutely loyal to it.  Examples of this can be found in daily things like my stash of pistachios at every lunch and my regular table at the ONLY Starbucks I frequent in town.  Similar to these simple daily routines, my style obsessions also follow a pattern.  As a result, I introduce the first in a series of posts entitled, "A Haute Hang-Up."  I plan for these posts to feature my current fashion, "must haves."  I figure this is supposed to be a blog about style, right?
   So in keeping with the topic at hand I would like to formally introduce my current Haute Hang-Up the, "Jessica McClintock Gunne Sax Collection."  I am fairly new to this collection, but it is quickly becoming an obsession for me.  When I think about it I am not surprised to have fallen so quickly for this trend.  The, "Gunne Sax Collection," by Jessica McClintock was popular in the 1970s.  This line of apparel drew inspiration from, "prairie style," clothing and featured patterns of mostly calico, gingham, and lace.  I stumbled across these vintage treasures while trolling the internet for skirts with the perfect modest hemline.  Not only was I delighted by the length and structure of these little beauties, I loved the, "prairie style," theme!  I mean, I currently live on the plains, there has to be at least one fashion perk to this.  Calico city here I come!
   Lately, I find myself obsessed with finding these pieces.  A task, that I will state, is not so easy.  Not only is this collection rare because it is vintage, I have found it extremely hard to find these items in my size.  As is usually the case with vintage clothing, this collection runs small.  Actually, I would say it runs extremely small and Jessica McClintock may have thought she was designing for the actual pioneer women, instead of the fashion conscious ladies of the 70s.  To my dismay both the women of my mother's generation and, the even earlier, brave explorer's of the plains obviously did not eat as many Totino's party pizzas as I have.  I guess there was just not that much calico to go around.  As a result, my anticipated collection of, "Jessica McClintock Gunne Sax," skirts currently includes only the one pictured above.  However, my obsession for them continues and like those determined pioneers I will seek out this new territory of style in the quest for a better (looking) life.

Jacket:  Tulle
Skirt:  Vintage  (Jessica McClintock Gunne Sax)
Boots:  The FRYE Company
Purse:  Nine West
Ring:  Craft fair purchase
Sunglasses:  Versace

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