Sunday, July 3, 2016

"For the love of Carrie Bradshaw! What's up with those shoes?"

   While engaged in my quest to rediscover the lost treasures in my closet, I came across the pair of shoes I’m wearing in the above photographs.  I remember when I first saw them in the thrift store.  I gasped at the sight of them.  They were so shiny…so pointy…so…yeah, I’ll admit it…tacky!  I absolutely loved them, despite the fact I hadn’t the foggiest idea how I would style such outlandish, "kicks."  I mean, these were the type of shoes to make a woman think, “Hmm, too much?”  I have to state for an individual whose mantra has always been, “More is more,” this is saying a lot.     
   Of course, That’s when it happened.  I had a fleeting thought. “These are Carrie Bradshaw shoes,” I reasoned, turning them in my hands while watching the light bounce off their many sequins.  “Totally, "Sex And The City," shoes,” I thought, specifically reminded of the second movie where the ladies find themselves on a whirlwind trip to Abu Dhabi.  During this film Carrie is compelled to try foreign footwear fashions.  I remember watching this scene for the first time and thinking, “Man, that lady has all the luck when it comes to original fashion finds!”  However here I was, at a thrift store in South Dakota, where there was not only one pair of glamorous Abu Dhabish type mules, but TWO!!!  Yes, on that fateful day this lucky lady picked up two pairs of shoes that made her feel like a woman of the world…or at least a woman who had traveled out of the country…beyond Canada.
   The other day I finally decided to take on the task of styling what I thought might be a challenging accessory.  I was delighted to discover these babies will go with just about anything…except bell-bottoms.  No, I definitely wouldn’t pair these shoes with flares.  It would be a sin to cover up something so gaudy.  Speaking of garish, check out my sandal tan lines in these pictures.  They look pretty hideous with every pair of shoes I own.  I could not be more proud of them.  For someone who has spent the last ten years working in the horticulture industry, (however, not directly in the dirt filled trenches), there is no greater honor than to have feet matching many of my peers.  I guess one could say, “I've literally earned my stripes.”  Yeah, that was bad.
   Writing this post now I realize how many items I've purchased just because it seemed like something the character Carrie would have worn on, “Sex And The City.”  I’ve just admitted to buying two pairs of mules based on this reasoning.  I also recall purchasing a leopard print fanny pack, due to the fact Ms. Bradshaw donned this type of accessory on one of the episodes.  Multiple people asked me, “Are you seriously ever going to wear a fanny pack in public Rayna?”  To which I privately wondered, “Am I?”  I’m proud to report I've worn my fabulous fanny accessory and it seriously came in handy.  Honestly, I can’t think of a better handbag while fighting the masses at the Fargo Record Fair.  Not only were both of my hands free in order to snap up all the Springsteen albums I could carry, I also looked like the straight up hipster one would expect to find at such an event.
   In addition to these items, I’ve also bought a silver sequin beanie and that famous J’Adore Dior t shirt Carrie wore during her shoe spree in the Far East.  Jeez, thinking about it now I must really be stuck on that scene of the movie!  I guess I’ve always wanted to travel to find treasures.  Unlike Carrie’s character I don’t live near the bustling boroughs of New York.  I’ve never had access to the type of trends this iconic show presented.  Except, thanks to the internet, I do have her t shirt….and that sparkly hat…oh, and two pairs of shoes that look, “Oh, so Carrie.”  I guess I really don’t have to go anywhere to transform myself into a fictional character I idolize.  I feel OK with my lack of travel experience as long as I realize I’m not actually Carrie Bradshaw.  If I start calling myself that there’s a good chance I may be traveling somewhere permanently...and not by my own free will.  However, I think we should cross that bridge when we come to it.
-c…WAIT NO!...R!...I meant  -r.

Dress:  Thrifted
Jeans:  Thrifted
Shoes:  Thrifted
Purse:  (Purchased at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.)
Earrings:  White House Black Market 
Sunglasses:  Coach

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