Sunday, July 17, 2016

Why I love this shirt but have never visited Kokomo

   Yesterday I had the opportunity to hang out with a long lost friend.  I literally hadn’t seen this person in about twenty years.  All I can say is, “The miracles of Facebook!”  During our near three hour visit I was told that while growing up I always seemed like a, "floaty," no worries person.  I was surprised and rather thrilled by this statement.  “People think I’m carefree,” I thought.  “Mission accomplished!”
   After leaving my outing I continued to analyze her statement, which of course seems logical due to my, "easy breezy," personality.  “She’s not the only person to say that to you,” I reasoned.  In fact, I’ve had multiple individuals’ state how happy I always seem.  One person even referred to me as the resident, “Happy Lady.”  At the time I just interpreted that comment as I was acting stupid again.  However, now I’m starting to wonder, “Oh my God, am I really happy?”
   Being an individual who’s always embraced the artistic side of life, I guess I’ve always envisioned an angst filled persona for myself.  Of course, now that I’m older this statement is hysterically funny.  Today all I can think of when considering my Emo wannabe twenties is the Goth characters from the show South Park. Honestly, if you haven’t seen the, “Burning Down Hot Topic,” episode I would highly recommend it for any individual who went through a lengthy black phase in their wardrobe. 
   Speaking of Goth this last sentence brings me to my next thought which is kind of a dead horse I like to beat.  After the conversation with my friend all I could think was, “I wonder if the way I dressed had something to do with how happy I always seemed?”  I reasoned when I was a child my mom had a tendency to put me in some pretty crazy ensembles.  I have pictures of one in particular where I’m at the zoo wearing rainbow suspenders and crazy sunglasses with Snoopy as, “Joe Cool,” in the corners…(and if you're reading this post and remember Joe Cool we either are, or need to be friends immediately.)  In these photographs I look well…hilarious...but also extremely happy.  Who doesn’t look happy in rainbow suspenders?  I do want to clarify I’m so thankful my mom dressed me the way she did.  I grew up thinking it was normal to wear ponchos and fringe shirts.  Honestly, to this day I still think it is, especially if you’re Joe Cool.
   Returning back to the topic of my, “happy,” personality, I was struck with a thought while looking at the pictures I intended to post today.  “Good lord!  Will you look at the shirt I have on," I thought.  I seem to have progressed from rainbow suspenders to Hawaiian shirts quite nicely.  The above outfit is one that I threw together for a recent party I attended.  A PARTY!...with like lots of people.  It simply never occurred to me that others may think I’m a little odd wearing a Hawaiian shirt to anything but a luau.  However, I reasoned it was a summer gathering and I love colorful shirts so, “Why the heck not?”  As I sit here looking at these photographs and reflecting on what my friend said I can’t help but acknowledge, “Yeah, I look pretty darn happy…or just wacky…which actually makes me happy.”  I’m glad people see me this way and I hope that someday I can notice it myself, without having to be reminded.  Analyzing all of this makes me want to do something totally out of character…or maybe IN character depending on one’s interpretation of me.  Even though the angst filled twenty-something in me would cringe at the thought of it, I may have to buy a Beach Boys album.  I mean, my shirt is begging for it and I suppose even Joe Cool liked a few of their songs.

Jeans:  Kasil Workshop
Shoes:  Tsubo
Belt:  Inherited from Dad
Bracelet:  Thrifted
Sunglasses:  Kate Spade

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