Sunday, June 26, 2016

"Into the White"

   It wasn’t so long ago that I posted about how my current transitional state had caused me to really scale back on my shopping.  I guess when one is uncertain about their financial security it becomes impossible to find joy in the act of spending.  Lately, I've transformed into one frugal fashionista.  Suddenly, I find more value in what I already have then what I think I need.  As a result, I’m a woman who now wears white…wha?  That’s right, white!  This unexpected occurrence is a result of the fact that white is the color in my closet that’s received the least attention.  Therefore, it's suddenly interesting to me since I haven't worn most of these pieces.  I mean, come on!  White symbolizes optimism and innocence.  It’s the color of baby lambs, milk, and fresh snow.  All I can say is, “I detest winter, I’m in dire need of a bone density test, and the only kind of lamb I’ve ever encountered has been wrapped in pita bread and smothered in cucumber sauce.”  Hmm…delicious cucumber sauce, it’s also white, now that I think about it. 
   Obviously, the ensemble I’m wearing in the above photographs is my attempt to feature this unexplored area of my closet.  Upon taking these pictures I was again shocked at how much I like seeing myself in lighter colors.  No more emo outfits for this lady.  I’m wearing happy little polka dots while listening to The Pixies!  Consequently, I’ve noticed I have many accessories I can finally style.  These were pieces I could never quite figure out how to wear.  However, now I see the solution was always present.  "Hello Rayna, there are options in your wardrobe beyond black and brown!"  Suddenly the white purse, that should have turned green long ago from expiration, is actively on my arm.  Who would have guessed it could pair perfectly with my long forgotten navy vintage belt.  Now this unlikely pair has become my current favorite style combination!
   Speaking of surprising combinations, I think it’s valid to state that presently my life has been full of them.  Its old news to anyone who knows me that I left my job of ten years and have now entered a kind of fluid frontier.  I like to think of it as my Bohemian summer.  I’m a free spirit belonging only to the wind, and I go where it takes me…which lately has been straight into my backyard to maintain perennials.  To explain, I may not be quite as hippie dippy as I’d like to seem.  In actuality, I’ve been working my buns off since leaving my job, only this time it’s been for a different employer.  Yep I’m working for my boyfriend’s landscaping company, and let me tell you just because you’re dating the boss doesn’t mean the harsh rays of the sun are filtered. 
   What I’m getting at here is working sans air-conditioning in the summer is hard.  While out in the oppressive heat I believe I’ve come close to experiencing a different kind of, “white light,” other than what’s been radiating out of my closet.  OK, dramatic joking aside, the type of work I’ve been doing lately has been quite challenging for me.  I've done some things I never thought I could achieve and I actually find myself excited to see what I'm capable of…like wearing white and finally styling that vintage belt…no wait, bigger things than that. 
   Lastly, the best thing that has come out of my Boho summer has been my amazing sandal tan lines!  My greenhouse buddies would be so proud of me! really, the best thing that has come out of my season of sovereignty has been my relationship with Al.  I want to state that he has been really wonderful to me during what could have been a very stressful time.  Instead, I’m learning how to drive a riding lawn mower, paint dump trucks, and prune trees.  I also have the first tan I’ve ever had in my life, which luckily looks great with the color white.  At this time I would like to thank the wonderful man I date for giving me the confidence to participate in all of these strange changes.  Due to the number of years we’ve been together, I tend to overlook his kindness as simply normal.  I mentioned earlier that suddenly I value what I already have more than what I think I need.  I think this statement applies to more than just the clothes in my closet.

Dress:  Kensie
Jeans:  Silver Jeans
Shoes:  Frye
Purse:  Kate Spade
Belt:  Vintage


  1. P. S. I love the dress/shirt you have on. Looks beautiful for summer.