Sunday, June 12, 2016

This Dude Did Done Do the Do-Rag

   Despite the fact that I’ve been unable to go on any major shopping sprees as of late, I have to say life has been pretty decent.  As many of you know…and by, "many," I mean the three people who actually read this blog…I’ve currently been looking for new employment.  After working at the same establishment for ten years this is an activity I'm no longer familiar with.  Whatever happened to the days where one could walk into a business and talk to a real person in order to apply for a job?  Recently I’ve found everything is done on the Internet.  An individual is expected to conduct their search, fill out an application, and even shake someone’s hand all through the Web.  OK, maybe the handshake thing is a stretch, but I’m sure someone has thought of a way to virtually do this.  Heck, maybe handshakes are a thing of the past!  God please help guide my behavior if this apparently outdated lady actually gets an interview.
   As a result of my current situation, some of my fashion choices have been rather questionable.  I seem to be of the opinion that a casual appearance is good enough for a day spent mumbling to myself.  To clarify, I’m not going crazy.  I just find that I’m spending an awful lot of time by myself…watching daytime television…which would make anyone babble like an idiot.  Yep, it just doesn’t seem necessary to get all dressed up in order to hit the couch…or the riding lawn mower.  Yes, I said RIDING LAWN MOWER!  However, that topic is a whole separate blog post. 
   Looking through my favorite style blogs I’ve noticed some bloggers doing posts on only fashion accessories.  I thought, “Perfect!  I can feature the, "best friend," to not only daytime television enthusiasts, but also outdoors men (I promise I'll eventually reveal my recent adventures in the wild.)  However, at this time I want to take a moment to pay homage to my current style obsession, the do-rag!  In my opinion, there never was a more necessary accessory. 
   Are you feeling down about your productivity?  Slap on a do-rag and suddenly look like you’ve been hard at it scrubbing floors.  Having a, “Meh,” moment with your hair because you tried, once again, to cut your own bangs and suddenly your head is more asymmetrical than the lead singer of Flock of Seagulls?  Simple! Cover it with a cute do-rag and suddenly transform that outdated New Wave look into a super trending Boho beauty.  Lastly is your mood one of isolation, since seemingly everyone you know is working among other individuals and you’ve suddenly found yourself pulling weeds in an empty field while telling your life story to…well…no one?  (Again, we'll save that for another blog post.)  No problem!  Put on a do-rag and instantly feel like you’re about to hit the streets with, "the gang," on the old Harley Davidson.  In my opinion there's no sour mood the do-rag can’t remedy. 
   On a more serious note, sometimes one can’t think of a blog-worthy ensemble.  It’s these occasions that a fashion blogger has to rely on their accessories to carry a look…or a post…or about one page worth of nonsense writing.  The day I photographed these pictures I had absolutely no motivation to style an outfit.  Instead, I put on the old reliable uniform of a baseball t-shirt and jeans.  I decided to jazz it up with a do-rag and some bangle bracelets.  Looking at these pictures now, I think it's amazing how just a couple of well considered accessories can totally save an otherwise pathetic look.  So next time you find yourself alone, with bad hair, and totally unmotivated dig out your favorite vintage scarf or bandanna and tie that sucker around your head!  I guarantee something good will happen, even if this just means you're laughing at your reflection in the mirror.

Do-Rag:  Thrifted (Savers in Fargo, ND)  I’m seriously on the hunt for more of these Russian style scarves!
Bracelets:  Thrifted

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