Sunday, June 5, 2016

Back In The Saddle?

   While some aspects of my life seem like they’ve stalled, others have really been cooking.  For instance, I’ve liked the pictures I’ve been taking for this blog lately.  Recently I was starting to feel like all of my photographs were stagnant.  I would put on yet another uninspired outfit and stand in front of my tripod trying to muster enthusiasm for something I just didn’t feel anymore.  Me…I didn’t feel excited about taking glamour shots anymore.  Something was clearly wrong!  I wondered things like, “Have I just exhausted every flattering angle of my face?  Do I even like this hairstyle anymore?”....or most frighteningly, “Am I simply out of good combinations of clothing in my wardrobe?”  To an outsider these types of thoughts probably seem extremely trivial.  However, for an individual who has spent countless hours constructing her, “perfect,” identity through her closet, these thoughts were more than disappointing.
   Thankfully it seems the tides have changed.  As a result of my extra free time I've developed a new enthusiasm towards blogging.  I feel more relaxed in front of my camera.  Probably because I know there's nothing else I have going on.  I’m able to take my time while doing things.  I can get ready in the morning at my own pace.  In addition, I've developed the patience to explore the previously neglected items in my closet.  I think it’s quite common for most individuals to rely on a few key pieces to construct the majority of their looks.  Despite the fact that I have MANY choices I’m ashamed to admit that it's always seemed easier to rotate the, "old reliable," garments.  I'm often horrified to discover what percentage of my closet has actually never been photographed for this blog! 
   Not only has having more time helped improve my wardrobe selections, but surprisingly having less money has also helped .  I will admit to my shopping addiction.  Unfortunately lately I've been on a complete spending freeze in regards to clothing.  At first I was absolutely horrified by the thought of not shopping.  However, now that I’m practicing restraint I find myself searching my own closet in order to seek out that, “new clothing buzz.”  As I mentioned earlier, I find there are so many pieces I’ve hardly ever…or maybe never…worn.  It’s these pieces that have always made me feel most shameful about my addiction.  It feels good to be taking notice of these forgotten treasures and finally give them the attention they deserve.  Who knew that less income would result in more clothing options?
   The pictures above show a perfect example of what I’m referring to.  As I was searching through my closet on another, “substitute shopping trip,” I came across the top I’m wearing.  I had picked it up a while ago at one of my favorite local vintage boutiques.  I remember thinking how pretty it was and considering how I might style it.  I then proceeded to hang it with the other white shirts in my closet, (aka the land of forgotten fashion.)  Looking back at the pictures in this blog I realize that I simply don’t wear white shirts…like ever.  Unfortunately, looking in my closet one would think white was my favorite color!  I look at the images featured in this post and think, “I look great in white.  Why the heck have I been avoiding that section of my closet for so long?"  All I can come up with is, “Life is really strange.”  One would think that less money would create a lot of doom and gloom in an individual.  Lately, I would've thought black would be my favorite color.  However, I’m predicting a lot of white in the rotation soon.  I guess, despite everything, the future still seems bright to this blogger.

Jeans:  Liverpool
Wedges:  Dr. Scholl's
Purse:  BCBG Max Azria
Belt:  Thrifted
Bracelets:  Thrifted

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