Sunday, March 27, 2016

Hey! Don't cramp my style!

   Lately I’ve been doing a lot of deep thinking about shoes.  I partly blame this on my obsessive complaining about UGG boots.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love all things UGG.  However my affection for this company runs so deep that I seem to exclusively wear their footwear between the months of November through March.  Over the years I’ve begun to realize that one of the main drawbacks to having a style blog is self-critique.  It’s just so darn easy to go through old posts and notice, “Wow, horizontal prints really are a horrible thing!” and, “Anything involving the word Bubblegum, cosmetic product or not, is not meant for a 36 year old woman.”  Of course, this year my biggest criticism so far has been, “How many consecutive days have I worn the same UGG boots?”  I know what you’re thinking.  “Poor privileged style blogger is tired of her designer snow boots.  What a rough life.”  You know, I’m inclined to agree with this sarcasm.  Have I become so superficial that my biggest problem is wearing the same pair of shoes in every glamour shot?  Uh…yep.
   As a result of all this serious contemplation, I’ve decided to shift my focus on footwear for awhile.  It’s strange how I go through stages of obsessing over certain aspects of my wardrobe.  For many years I was, “crack addict,” crazy over purses.  While I still love all kinds of handbags, ranging in quality and quirk, I seem to have recovered from the severity of this addiction.  Of course, like any true addict I’ve continually replaced my former problems with new obsessions.  First it was handbags...then it was sunglasses...until it was necklaces...followed by replaced by shoes.  “When does it end?!” I ask you.
   It’s not like I don’t have enough shoes already.  I’m willing to guess any person who walked off the street and into my closet without knowing me would immediately label me a shoe diva.  Ironically enough, on several occasions I’ve literally come home and found strangers standing in my closet with my significant other.  It’s like every time he has guests over he decides to give them a tour of my closet!  His justification for this has always been he likes to show off his handy work at building walk-ins, but honestly I think he does it to simply get a rise out of me.  I mean, who wants the world to know their dirty little addictions, despite the fact they're covered in fantastic fringe and sequins?
   I guess what I’m getting at here is that even though I’m pledging to pay more attention to the aesthetic qualities good footwear can add to an outfit, I don't necessarily intend to suddenly go insane and buy four new pairs of sandals.  Did that sound believable to anyone, I was too busy, “yucking it up,” to tell.  Honestly though, I don’t need any more shoes in my closet.  I simply should pay more attention to the ones I already own.  Okay again, for the last two sentences I was in some type of fugue state.  Have I already mentioned the amazing Frye sandals I NEED for this season?
   You know composing this post now really makes me realize I might have a problem.  I mean sometimes one just needs to sit quietly and write it all down for the world to read.  Is it possible that I’m using this blog post as some sort of public confession?  Here’s a thought, was my special man friend simply trying some new type of therapy on me while he was traipsing everyone and their dog through my closet?  Could it be that all along he was waiting for me to acknowledge an issue that has plagued me for years?  My God, I feel like such a weight has been lifted off of me.  I want to run to him now and have him sweep me up into his strong arms so I can let him know I finally realize, “I think it’s my high heels that are causing me to get severe leg cramps at night!  The next time I buy a pair don’t let me forget to pick up some Dr. Scholl’s.” 

Shirt:  Old Navy
Skirt:  Vintage
Boots:  Thrifted  (Sporto)
Purse:  Loop NYC  (Andy Warhol collection)
Necklace:  Made by a friend.  (Thank You Fay!)

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