Sunday, April 3, 2016

Bob Dylan's Boots

   If you happen to be one of my regular readers, (a.k.a. my Mom or Dad), it’s probably not surprising to hear that I fully admit I can be a little strange at times.  I mean, so what if I’m prone to, "cooking up," bizarre stories behind the objects I thrift?  Okay, so maybe these fantastic histories come to mind so easily that I’m likely to accept their validity without a second thought.  Is it that big of a deal to think of oneself as slightly psychically linked to certain items?  Reading this last statement now all I can think is, “Man, I will do anything to justify buying a pair of boots.”
   Of course, this is absolutely true.  Not only do I own up to my multiple eccentricities, I also confess to my extreme decisiveness when it comes to something I want.  It’s shocking to me when I find myself confronted with an individual who can't make up their mind.  Multiple times I’ve gone shopping for clothes with different friends who simply can’t decide if they like something.  In the 36 years that I've been living I can't recall one instance when I couldn’t decide…well…anything. 
   So I guess here’s where I make another little confession, “I have absolutely no problem making decisions.”  In fact, I seem to be able to make them for myself and others, whether they ask for my opinion or not.  For example, you find yourself wanting to go to a restaurant and aren’t sure what you’re in the mood for.  This is not a problem if you happen to be dining with me.  It's a fact that I've already decided where we’re going long before I was even officially invited.  Likewise, imagine you happen to find yourself thrifting with me at St. Vinny’s.  While picking through the $2.00 bin you come across a pair of vintage black leather gloves that you think may be a little too, "old lady," for your liking until I cut into your thoughts with, “Oh my god!  Those are so perfect!  I can’t wait to pair them with that wine colored corduroy blazer I have!”  As a side note, I did find these gloves at St. Vinny’s last winter and they do look fantastic with my blazer.  Luckily, I didn’t have to rip them out of one of my friends' hands that day do to the fact that I attempt to adhere to a, “Friends don’t let Rayna thrift with them,” policy.  Basically, as a result of my, “charming decisiveness,” I acknowledge the fact that I should shop for vintage alone if I would like to maintain treasured friendly acquaintances.
   Could it be that I’m just a brat who attempts to get what she wants as much as possible?  Most likely…but here’s a thought, maybe I’m so decisive about shopping because I somehow psychically know that certain objects are meant to be with me.  Yeah…that sounds a little more realistic.  For instance, not so long ago I found myself, thankfully shopping alone, at the Ragstock in Duluth, MN.  While I was there I came across many vintage items that I immediately liked and considered taking home with me.  However, there was only one thing in the store on that particular day that I was certain was absolutely waiting for my inevitable arrival.  My thoughts sounded like this when I was cruising around the racks, “Sweater, sweater, ugly sweater…wait, what could I pair that with?  I think I can make this work.  Sweater, sweater…Oh, and there’s Bob Dylan’s old boots!”  Literally, that’s the immediate thought that popped into my head when seeing the boots I'm wearing in the above pictures.  Instantly, I knew Bob’s boots were going home with me.  Now, did I find them super attractive?  Meh…not really.  In fact, I already had several pairs of cowboy boots in my closet that were much nicer than the pair that confronted me that day in Ragstock.  Did I find these boots exceptionally comfortable?  Not really, despite the fact that Bob Dylan seems to have the same size feet as me, these boots have actually been well worn by the previous owner and as a result have molded to their particular foot shape.  So why you ask, did I end up leaving the store that day with a pair of uncomfortable, “Meh,” looking boots that I was ecstatic about?  Well, I guess because I’m a dreamer who likes to concoct stories to make myself smile.  Also, sometimes even the most decisive individuals need a reason to justify why they're so attracted to an item.  However, I’ll have it known that Bob Dylan is originally from Duluth, MN.  I’ll also mention that at least two of his album covers are the exact same color as my Ragstock boots.  Coincidence?...I think not!

Sweater:  Ralph Lauren
Boots:  Vintage  (Thanks Bob!)
Purse:  Gift from my Mom  (Okay, really this time…Thanks Mom!)
Necklace:  Thrifted
Earrings:  Handmade by local artist 
Sunglasses:  Roberto Cavalli

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