Sunday, March 6, 2016

Two Birds, One...Afternoon?

   Lately, when I get up in the morning to let the dog out I can hear an owl, “hooting,” in one of our trees.  It’s like clockwork;  I drag myself out of bed, toss on my ratty slippers, stumble out the door with blurry eyes, (which only get blurrier after inevitably becoming snow-blind from the reflection of the sun,) and wait for our four legged friend to find the absolute perfect spot to do her business.  As I’m standing there, freezing and unable to see anything, I can hear a faint, “hoot…hoot…” in the distance.  While I don’t consider myself much of a bird enthusiast, I do find comfort in the fact that signs of life seem to be seeping through the surface of the frozen tundra.  Plus, the owl I mentioned follows a strict routine which is something I can really get behind. 
   In the spirit of keeping with routine, I too have been attempting to continue my regular habits despite the oppressive weather those of us in South Dakota have been experiencing.  The other day I was driving to my regular Starbucks when I noticed a large hawk perched on a fence post.  It was an impressive sight and reminded me of my little morning friend in the trees.  Considering all of this now makes me smile.  I find it strange how much I look forward to hearing what I envision as the, “little guy,” each morning.  In fact, I seem to enjoy it so much I once caught myself bragging to a customer at work about, “MY owl,” and it’s, “peaceful morning song.”  Ha! I wonder what, "my owl," thinks about the sounds of my colorful morning vocabulary as I flail around blindly while trying not to step in dog crap.
   After seeing the hawk on my coffee excursion I took it's presence as an omen.  I was supposed to be out and about that day.  I was being called to do something important.  “The Gods,” obviously had something waiting for me.  So what did I end up doing you ask?  I fulfilled my calling of course.  I went thrifting!
   Okay, so despite the heavy sarcasm presented I want to clarify that I do believe I have a gift for sensing when there’s something waiting for me at the thrift store.  Somehow I always seem to get the message of when I should stop.  It goes like this; I’m driving my car and see a hawk sitting on a fence post, which makes me think of the owl living in my tree. Of course, this makes me cringe at the thought of the hideous jacket I wear in the mornings while taking the dog out.  As a result, I remember I haven’t been to St. Vinny’s in a while to, "troll," their $3.00 coat rack.  See how that works.  Next thing I know there’s a magnetic pull forcing my car to abandon my tall decaf vanilla latte and head to the nearest thrift store.  Suddenly, “Voila!” I’m taking blog pictures in my newly acquired denim coat.
   This is exactly what happened the day I took the pictures featured in the post above.  However, not only did I end up buying a new coat, (which reminded me of a much more expensive version I’ve been admiring in the Free People catalog for quite some time,) I also ended up purchasing the beautiful copper cable knit sweater I’m wearing as well.  “Two Birds, One Sto… Afternoon,” I thought.  I continued by marveling at the idea, “All as a result of two birds in one afternoon."  Well, if that’s not a sign that I should keep shopping then I don’t know what is.

Coat:  Thrifted
Skirt:  Thrifted (Handmade)
Boots:  Ugg
Purse:  Frye
Sunglasses:  Vintage

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