Sunday, March 20, 2016

Dress for S...ilence

   Okay, so obviously I took the above pictures a few weeks ago, when there was still snow on the ground.  Now that the weather has significantly improved please expect to see photographs that don’t include me standing in front of a garage door.  Sorry about that folks, but there’s only so far one can traipse out in the yard without a coat during a South Dakota winter. 
   In addition to the improved scenery featured in my posts, I hope that this warming trend will also motivate me to get out and socialize a bit more.  Already people seem to be coming out of the woodwork, burrowing out of the hidey holes they hunkered down in for the past few months.  I'm certainly no exception.  Unfortunately, I have an awful habit of strictly hanging out at home, Starbucks, or the public library on my days off work.  If a person can’t find me at one of these locations wait about two hours for me to finish up thrifting at Savers or St. Vinny’s and I should eventually appear.  Yep, that’s how predictable my late-thirties have gotten.
   As a result of my lackluster social life, I’ve decided to try and get out a bit more.  You know, like…live a little instead of just read or write about it.  Not too long ago I challenged myself to attend a gathering of ladies that I was graciously invited to by someone I've never really socialized with.  Now I must confess this introvert was slightly nervous at the idea of hanging out with a crowd of people I did not kno…Oh, who am I trying to fool?  I was uncomfortable with the idea of hanging out with a group…period.  Let’s face it, some of us individuals just do better with one on one situations at hmm….I don’t know, Starbucks?  Yeah, I’ve heard that’s a lovely establishment.  Seriously though, if I don’t have a grande decaf vanilla latte in front of me as a shield from the outside world I get a little shook up.  Hey we all have our crutches, right?
   Returning to my story, on the day I took the pictures above I was anticipating the early arrival of spring.  Even though there was still ample snow in our yard I found myself excited at the prospect of warmer weather, finally ditching my Ugg boots, and of course, a more comfortable walk from my car to the door of Starbucks.  All of these thoughts made me feel rather lighthearted, which apparently made me weak and more susceptible to accepting an invite to an event I would normally run shrieking from.   
   Finally, the night of the party arrived and after long consideration I decided that I would wear the outfit featured in the above post.  I reasoned the event was more than likely going to be a casual one and due to the lingering cold temperatures a dress, or anything involving tights, would simply not be a practical choice.  Also, I was dying to debut my newly thrifted Sporto brand wellies.  I couldn’t wait to show off the fact that they have velvet laces and a heel!  Let me tell you the coffee at Starbucks never tasted as good as it did that day after my trip to Savers.  (It occurs to me now that Starbucks should really be giving me some kind of benefit for all the promoting I do for them on this blog.)
   Anyhow, I arrived exactly on time for the function, which by the looks of the attending guests was at least ten minutes too late.  I also had to remove my adorable booties at the door and enter the party without the one accessory that made me feel like, “Hey, I’m cool.  I can meet new people.”  In addition, I ended up being totally overdressed at an event where everyone seemed to receive the mandatory sweatshirt and jeans memo.  I like to think that maybe this is why no one except the host of this outing spoke to me the entire time I was there.  Is it possible they were all convinced I was a snob because of my super cute shoes…that were not on my feet…that were in fact resting in a wet pile?  After about an hour and a half of sitting on a couch by myself, staring off into space, I was asked to participate in a sort of group activity.  During this activity it was my responsibility to read the game’s directions to my, “teammates.”  When asked to do this one of the party’s guests said to me, “And you can read the directions.  I assume you can read, right?”  It was at this point that I thought, “Yes!  Yes I can read.  I can read quite well in fact, and that’s exactly what I’m going to go do right now,” and I walked out the door.  I guess the lesson I learned here is it’s good to try new things, but the old ones are usually better.

Jacket:  Nick & Mo
Jeans:  Guess
Boots:  Thrifted  (Sporto)
Purse:  Aimee Kestenberg
Belt:  Vintage  (Inherited from Dad)
Necklace:  Vintage
Sunglasses:  Vintage  (Gucci)

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