Sunday, May 17, 2015

Doing the Hoochie Gucci

   Some of my favorite fashion photography is represented in the Gucci Fall 2008 Campaign.  For this particular post I decided to feature some of these mesmerizing shots.  I want to clarify that I realize there is endless editorial fashion photography out there.   One could argue that the above photographs I've chosen to covet are far from artistically groundbreaking.  With this being stated, I feel the need to justify there is so much, "greatness," with the above campaign it's a shame not to give credit where it is most certainly due.
   To begin, the clothing featured in these pictures is outstanding.  I mean come on, it's Gucci.  Duh! However, I want to concentrate on the genius way this line was marketed.  Obviously, this collection was heavily influenced by Bohemian culture.  Not only am I always a sucker for the, "Boho," vibe, I find myself entranced by the trippy, dippy, gypsy cult way it was represented here.  Do I look at the above pictures and believe these women belong in these clothes?  Yes!  Can I imagine the possible illegal substances that may have been engaged in before these shots were taken?  Yes! but for Gucci's sake lets just say these pictures were taken in Colorado.  Do I think these ladies are dancing to Jefferson Airplane's, "White Rabbit," while possibly sacrificing an actual white rabbit?  Yeah, I'd buy that.  My point is the Fall 2008 Gucci Campaign is not only this hippie's dream, it's her nightmare!
   My favorite part about these photographs is the eerie undertone I get that something just ain't right. When you strip it down these are simply pictures of women in fantastic clothes dancing in a field. However, when one looks closer, this blogger can't help but get an uneasy feeling.  Like most fashion photography the models have a vacant look in their eyes.  In addition, they seem to have a cultist attitude in their appearance and posing.  At the same time, each woman appears completely unaware of the presence of her peers.  It's like she fell down the rabbit hole of her mind and may never get out. One can't help but question, just how long have these ladies been in Colorado?  
  All of these elements combined with the rather goth-like makeup and at times extremely awkward poses makes me positive there is only one explanation for what is happening in this field.  Zombie gypsies!  These women aren't alive! They're too ridiculously cool to be human!  I guarantee if I had any one of those handbags on my arm I would have the stupidest grin permanently plastered all over my face.  I wouldn't even begin to be able to, "hear my inner drum circle," because of the question, there are how many studs on her belt?!  Not to mention, if I found myself in a field with these beautiful stoners I would patiently wait until every last one of them passed the heck out.  Then guess who would be sporting her fabulous new brocade coat on the jaunt back into Denver proper?  People don't do drugs while wearing Gucci.  There are predators out there.
  In conclusion, I love this Gucci campaign.  While I was photographing the pictures of myself above I decided to try some of my own awkward posing.  While the last picture of this post is interesting it obviously lacks the artistry that only Gucci can provide.  However, everyone is influenced by someone.  I feel safe in speculating the photographer for Gucci was at one time a fan of Beck's music.  I mean, who doesn't like a, "Nitemare Hippy Girl?"

Vest:  Guess
Shirt:  7 For All Mankind
Jeans:  Liverpool
Boots:  Ugg
Necklace:  My Grandpap's dog tag
Bracelet:  Thrifted
Sunglasses:  Cole Haan

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  1. I believe you may have been infected by the Zombie gypsies years ago! It's the only explanation for your peculiar fashion fetish. I do like this post through.