Sunday, May 10, 2015


 Sometimes I have to hand it to myself.  Not to, "toot my own horn," or anything...oh, what the heck. I'm a style blogger who posts tons of pictures of herself on the internet.  It's not like I'm super modest so, "TOOT!  TOOT!"  I just can't help myself this time.  Maybe it's because on this particular occasion I felt like a real pro.
  I know, only a few posts ago I was going on about how I'm not an expert in the field of fashion. Sitting here writing this tonight, I stand by that statement.  However, tonight I feel a little more confident with my couture credentials.  I'm proud to state that this time I followed a fad exactly and without any prior knowledge to it's existence.
   Quite awhile back I found myself loitering at a local antique mall.  Basically it was my day off and I had already gotten coffee so it was time to troll for treasures.  This particular trip I found myself inexplicably drawn to a rather gaudy piece of costume jewelry.  OK wait, I lied.  I shouldn't write the word inexplicably.  What I should really admit is I'm ALWAYS drawn to super outrageous junk jewelry.  This being stated I looked over into one of the vendor's booths and saw a huge sparkly object that apparently brought out the inner raccoon in me.  Side note, I now view the raccoon as my totem animal.  Example, I saw a shiny thing and had the instant overwhelming urge to bring it home with me.
   Upon looking at the actual item closer, I noticed it was a giant rhinestone encrusted ring in the shape of a flower.  Now I'm a true believer of the statement, "go big or go home."   Especially when it comes to fashion, but in this case the accessory seemed borderline ridiculous.  Not to mention this particular piece was super girly.  Especially for a person who is usually attracted to more geometric modern designs.  What can I say?  Did I mention it was sparkly?  Like the kind of sparkly you want to bury in your backyard.
   When I got it home I felt kind of silly.  Looking at it in my familiar surroundings I felt like it was something, "My Little Pony," would wear in her mane.  How was I going to style this thing with Pink Floyd t-shirts and concho belts?  What was I thinking?  
   About a year went by and I think I wore this piece once.  I have to say I felt rather self conscious when I did.  Like someone may stop me saying, "Take that ring off!  We all know if you could afford it you'd rather be wearing some massive southwestern turquoise number."  Of course, they'd be right but I just couldn't shake my attraction to this almost, "barbie-esque bling."  Then that fateful afternoon happened.  The moment I finally began to feel like a legitimate fashion blogger.  It was during the page turn of a, "W," magazine that I realized I have a clairvoyant connection with Coco Chanel!  I laid eyes on the ad pictured in the post above an instantly realized I was drawn to this ring because it was a super outrageous junk jewelry KNOCKOFF OF CHANEL.  Now it all made sense. Pretty, pretty pony girl I may not be, but Chanel groupie wannabe...sign me up!  I guess this ring is too cool to bury in the backyard.

Coat:  Vintage
Sweatshirt:  Thrifted
Jeans:  Gap
Boots:  Ugg
Scarf:  Thrifted


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  1. Raccoons do love sparkly things. Now I understand.