Thursday, May 28, 2015

America's Next Top Middle Agester

   Not so long ago a good friend of mine asked me to model with her in order to advertise for her fabulous vintage clothing store.  (Insert sales pitch here.)  If you consider yourself a lover of fashion and are in the Sioux Falls, SD area, you MUST make a trip to ELOFSON.  Believe me ladies, no one else in town has this many unique treasures at such a reasonable price.  GO NOW, GO....
  Alright, maybe finish reading this post and then click over to her Etsy site.  I'm sure chances are the weather is pretty crappy and one may not be motivated to get off the couch.  No problemo, ELOFSON is considerate.  You can shop this store while watching garbage television like, "America's Next Top Model," from the comforts of your home.  Here, let me help you out with that  OK, now I promise I'm done promoting for the day.
   The reason I mentioned, "America's Next Top Model," is because the day I went to my ELOFSON photo shoot I found myself at home watching a marathon of this show.  It went like this, I woke up, ate my mandatory morning waffle, turned on the, "tube," saw it was on and thought, "Huh, I wonder if this can help me look like I know what I'm doing later today?"  Here is where I admit again that I am not a model, (as if anyone would really believe that I am).  I'm just a lady who really loves clothes and needs a way to justify her constantly growing closet.  A fashion blog just seemed like a really great reason to keep on shopping. 
   The day I went to model for ELOFSON I had mixed emotions.  I was excited to be able to try on all those fantastic clothes.  I was flattered to be asked to help out by someone who's opinion I cared about.  Lastly, I was a bit anxious that somehow I would blow it and look completely amateur in every picture.  I may take a lot of photographs of myself but that's just me at home messing around alone.  Take me out of my element and add other individuals into the equation and I start looking less like a model and more like a meat-head.  
   In my effort to look more professional, I watched that morning's marathon of, "America's Next Top Model," and thought, "I can be more expressive through the eyes.  I can move my body into more interesting poses.  I can be...can I even type it without laughing?...fierce."  The pictures above are some practice shots I took before going to my shoot, and the product of this thought process.  Some of these photographs really make me laugh.  My, "fierce," look just appears majorly pissed off, and, "more expression in the eyes," seems to have translated to the emotion of terrified.  The last picture of me wearing the scarf is my favorite.  Upon glancing at it now, I see a woman who looks kind of freaked out rather than deep and introspective.  However, I can state that it's a pretty accurate portrait of how I was feeling going into a real modeling project. Yep, freaked out sums it up.
   It turned out I had absolutely no reason to be scared of my photo shoot.  I had a blast posing for the store and even though I felt a little stiff at times modeling for a real photographer, I didn't break out in any crazy rash or suffer dry heaves so I count this experience as a score for me.  The last picture I included in order to show one of my favorite shots from the actual project.  I like to think it proves even a thirty-something non-model like me can pass as legitimate with the support of good friends and other talented individuals.  Also, if you find yourself needing someone to look really pissed off in a picture give me a jingle.  I seem to be pretty good at it.

Trench Coat:  BB Dakota
Jeans:  Liverpool
Boots:  Born
Scarf:  The Limited
Purse:  Vintage
Bracelet:  Thrifted
All Clothing and Accessories in Last Photograph Provided by Elofson:

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