Sunday, March 2, 2014

White Noise on my Radio

   Most times, while picking out an outfit for the day, I dress with style in mind.  However sometimes, considering what the day's activities may bring, I dress solely for comfort.  On this particular day, comfort was my main priority.
   On occasion, my job will ask me to speak on a local AM Radio show about gardening.  At first this used to make me very anxious.  I would worry about things like sounding unintelligent, my voice cracking, or even bouts of hysterical Tourette Syndrome.  Please keep in mind I have never experienced anything as serious as Tourette Syndrome.  I also don't mean to make light of this affliction, but wouldn't that be horrible while on the air?  
   In addition, as a person interested in fashion, I often found myself worrying about the way I looked before a show.  It has taken a few years for me to actually realize, it's radio nobody knows what you look like!  Surprisingly, there is something almost liberating about this concept.  Don't get me wrong, I will always be a visually minded person.  As a former art major in college, I don't think there is any other way I can be.  Yet despite this, I cannot deny the luxury of presenting myself to the public, "incognito."  So I have learned to dress for comfort on these occasions.  In reality I may be wearing a plain sweatshirt and scarf, but on the radio I always strive to sound like I'm in a suit and pearls.

Coat:  Hurley
Sweatshirt:  Thrifted
Jeans:  Miss Me
Boots:  Lucky Brand
Purse:  Dooney & Bourke
Scarf:  KAVU
Earrings:  gift made by a friend
Sunglasses:  Vintage
Gloves:  Upcycled Sweater made by me (Similar pattern)

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