Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Great Plaid Fad


   Every time I see a resurgence of plaid I can't help but think, "Flannel! Seattle! Flannel! Seattle!..."  as chanted in the immortal lyrics of, "I left my flannel in Seattle," by that one band.  You know the one, that punk band from the '90s with the rather tasteless name and overall lack of musical talent.   Not familiar... huh.  Well as far as '90s bands are concerned you're not missing much except for the above mentioned tune, whose ridiculously simple lyrics have always been somewhat of a mantra for me.  You can see where this topic is going, right?  The currently trending subject of plaid allows me to get all nostalgic for my absolute favorite pop culture phase, Grunge.
   Now, since I began this blog I have been plotting on how to post about my love of all things Grunge.  I do hope to devote not just one, but a series of posts to this particular movement.  I do realize that the sole topic of the resurrection of plaid in fashion is not quite Grunge worthy.  However, I just can't help myself.  I loved that scene.
  While flipping through the September 2013 edition of, "Nylon," magazine I ran across the feature pictured in the first photo of this post.  It was announced that plaids are back, and I was thrilled to see that they are being donned on the runways head-to-toe!  This reminded me of the, "good ol' days," of Grunge when I would wear three plaid flannel shirts at a time in order to show my devotion to the Seattle music scene.  I can only think to compare this act to something like being super patriotic and wearing an American flag t-shirt.  
   Despite my rather sappy reasons for celebrating the comeback of plaid, I will state that it is one of the most diverse prints available.  It works whether one is going for the preppier across the pond Oxford, England look or the grittier early '90s Seattle, Washington vibe.  
   Alas, the days of sweating through three layers of plaid flannel shirts to show my teenage angst are over for this thirty-something blogger.   However, now my one layer of an oversize plaid scarf is enough to keep me comfortably warm with a discreet nod to my younger self,  (pictured in the last photograph of this post circa 1993.)  Interestingly enough, both the teenage girl in that picture and the woman in the preceding photos are still waiting to go to Seattle, Washington.  Some things never change.

Coat:  Holy Codi Studio
Jacket:  American Rag Cie
Jeans:  Silver Jeans
Shoes:  Naturalizer
Purse:  Juicy Couture
Scarf:  Abercrombie & Fitch
Ring:  Craft fair purchase
Sunglasses:  Gucci
Nail Polish:  essie (Mod Square)



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