Sunday, March 16, 2014


   Sometimes, upon finishing a really excellent book, I find it impossible to let it go.  I will notice things like the mood of the story bleeding into my everyday world.  For example, I find myself feeling extra agitated the morning after a rather action packed read.  It doesn't take much insight to guess that a book entitled, "The Terror," may be just one of these stories.
   Being the geek that I am, I have already written a full review of this title on my goodreads account.  However, since this story is one that I seem to be having a hard time separating from frequent conversation, I felt that a short, "tip o' the hat," post may help me move on.  This being stated, I do want to acknowledge what an absolutely excellent novel I found this book to be.
   In short, "The Terror," by Dan Simmons is the historical fiction version of an Arctic Expedition's journey to force the Northwest Passage starting in 1845.  Upon their voyage, the characters are plagued by multiple extreme hardships all stemming from the fact that their two ships are completely frozen in the Arctic ice for three years.  After the last three months of this winter, while not near the extreme conditions of the Arctic, I felt an enormous amount of empathy for the men on this journey.
   Like the characters in the story, "The Terror," I find myself constantly waiting for a spring thaw.  While my actual life does not depend on this, I do often find that my well-being does.  On a lighter note, my wardrobe may also appreciate a milder climate.  As pictured above, I was more than happy to finally introduce my new wellies to some serious springlike puddles.  So keep the faith people, unlike those unfortunate pioneers of the Arctic, we may see open water soon.

Coat:  Miss Sixty
Jacket:  baja hoodie
Skirt:  Diesel
Boots:  Hunter Boot Ltd
Purse:  Tokidoki
Sunglasses:  I got them at a gas station!
Necklaces:  Military Dog Tag:  My own Grandpap's  Spoon Necklace:  Craft fair purchase

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