Sunday, March 5, 2017

Old Habits Die Hard

   Recently I was reminded of an old, “Will & Grace,” episode and I can’t get it out of my thoughts.  During this particular show Grace is going on a romantic autumn bike ride to the pumpkin patch with a new suitor.  Will reacts to this news by questioning, “Why she would ever do such a thing,” considering this activity is totally out of character for her.  It’s at that moment that Grace realizes in horror that, "Oh my God!" her future companion, "Thinks I do things!” 
   I've always found this scene funny, due to the fact that I can totally relate to it.  I'm one of those individuals that does not, “do things.”  For example, when I look at my Facebook feed and see all the different activities people are, "doing," I sigh and drive to my regular Starbucks for a consolatory decaf latte.  Apparently, friends of mine are going to places like New Zealand to celebrate New Year’s Eve.  They're attending concerts of bands that this hypochondriac would seriously consider participating in medical testing in order to afford…eh hem, a reunited Temple of the Dog show in Seattle!  People are involved in art shows and political rallies in order to get their opinions exposed to a country that seems currently desperate to squelch any independent thought.  Of course, all of these things don’t even begin to touch on the amount of announcements I read daily regarding people getting married, having children, and buying new homes.  I guess these individuals are what Will and Grace would refer to as, “people who do things.” 
   Meanwhile, I comfortably hide out in South Dakota in my structured little world.  I work the same hours Monday through Friday.  I make a menu of meals, planning two weeks at a time, so there is no effort wasted in trying to think of, “What am I going to make for dinner tonight?”   In the evenings I listen to my vinyl records and watch an episode or two on DVD of some old sitcom.  I find sitcoms from my childhood extremely calming…which is vital considering what a, “wild,” existence I’m living.  Right now I watch, “Newhart,” every night.  Hey, don’t knock it until you try it.  Everyone could use a little Larry, Darryl, and Darryl in their lives.  On weekends I’ll usually hit the cheap seats with my special man friend followed by a nice dinner at one of our regular haunts.  In addition, lately I enjoy watching Critierion Collection films.  I’m currently trying to watch all of them.  Admittedly this task is never ending considering they induct new films each year.  However I can’t resist the structure this goal provides.  To continue, whenever I, “spontaneously,” go out with friends I generally pick the location and activity.  I’m really not sure how this happens.   I guess I’ve always assumed people want to go to the same places I do.  If I’m wrong I hope people feel free to approach me…and then continue to go to my favorite places…just kidding…sort of.
   Anyway, the whole point of this rant is that sometimes I break through my brick wall and think, “Man, I’m too young for this type of existence!”  Yesterday I was presented with one of these moments.  Someone asked me to, “do something,” that instantly made me feel uncomfortable.  Don’t get me wrong, the activity is something I’m extremely interested in.  However it would require me to travel and be social with individuals I don’t know.  My first instinct was to tell the inquiring person, “Hell no!” when suddenly I thought of, “Will & Grace.”  Except my situation was very different because the person asking me to participate knows I don’t, “do things.”  Keeping this in mind I started to consider perhaps this person was asking me to venture outside my box for my own good.  I’m proud to report, I’m still thinking about it…which is better than my usual instant, “No.”
   What does all this have to do with the above pictures?  Well, I guess I thought it was ironic that even the blazers I choose have structure.  I guess old habits die hard. 

Blazer:  Thrifted
Jeans:  Henry & Belle
Boots:  UGG
Purse:  Tokidoki
Gloves:  Vintage
Necklace:  Vintage  (Handmade)
Sunglasses:  Kenzo

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